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Bath Salts

Why do the bath salts become a hot topic until the proposed bill that prohibits distribution and use of bath salts? Bath salts are made ​​of fine Crystal Salt with volatile oil and essential oils. Sea salts are very good crystal is used for bathing or soaking the body soak both feet at the SPA treatment. Sea Salt Bath Salts useful or Eliminate fatigue, overcome odema skin, clean and deodorize the feet, prevent skin infections. So what is wrong … Continue reading

Brain Tumor Causes

Recently, brain tumor is in the category of disease that threatens all age groups. Start a toddler, adult, until the elderly. Actually, what are the causes of brain tumor? So far the main cause of this disease is not known for certain. However, some studies have noted several factors triggers brain tumor, among others: Genetic factors, if a parent had a brain tumor, then the children have a risk of the same disease. Often consume carcinogen… Continue reading

Beware of the baby’s head circumference every month

Some people believe that babies with big heads will be smarter if they grew up. The reason is the large-sized genius brains stored in large heads. The size of the baby’s head circumference was developed rapidly since birth until the age of two years. And many parents forget to pay attention on this measure in a baby growth chart. The addition of the size of the baby’s head circumference should not be excessive. Average baby head si… Continue reading

How to remove leg hair

…chnique can be done by scrapping, shaving or waxing. Women who love to perform in this manner must be painstaking and routinely remove the hair that always grows every time. Epilation. This technique eliminates the hair to damage the roots. It could use a laser or electrolysis. In the laser, there are some techniques that will be tailored to the needs of patients. While in electrolysis, leg hair cleaned with a short wave frequency. This method… Continue reading

Hormone Therapy to Overcome Menstrual Disorders

Women who are too busy often experience stress, stress may even continue to be depressed. If left unchecked, this condition can lead to fertility problems related to hormones. Stress affects the work of the hypothalamus, the brain is functioning “rule” pituitary gland to produce FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). FSH stimulates the ovarium charge for a mature ovum each month. If the ovum is fertilized sperm, there was a pregnancy. … Continue reading