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Obesity makes detection of prostate cancer difficult

Obesity is the source of various diseases. In addition to a symptom of metabolic syndrome, obesity also brings adverse effects to people living with prostate cancer. This fact is the reason so many numbers to consider the men as soon as possible to avoid obesity. Why detection of prostate cancer becomes more difficult in obese men? It caused the results of screening for obesity sufferers are usually false. To ensure that a man has prostate can… Continue reading

Ways to prevent Cancer

Notice the child’s diet, limit protein and fat From past and present, the cause of cancer is not known with certainty. This makes prevention efforts so that the children did not have cancer. But there are some things that suspected cause cancer. Before more about ways to prevent cancer, we need to know what can cause this deadly disease. Some of them are exposed to radioactive materials and chemicals, such as preservatives and infected wi… Continue reading

Right or wrong pregnancy myths

There are many myths about pregnancy that circulated on the internet. Many pregnant women are doing these myths although the many myths are unreasonable. For example, about foods to avoid while pregnant, or things to avoid during pregnancy. Some pregnant women choose to follow the myth to keep her pregnancy safely. Some people say pineapple and durian should be avoided by pregnant women. Myth says that these fruits can cause miscarriage. Right… Continue reading

Is it safe to eat Bamboo Shoots when pregnant

…r The fiber content in bamboo shoots was 2.56% higher than other types of vegetables, like sprouts (1.27%), pecay (1.58%), cucumbers (0.61%), and mustard (1.01%). High fiber content in the bamboo shoots can reduce the risk of cancer, particularly cancer of the digestive tract. We all know that foods with high fiber are good for health. Fiber has the function to get rid of dirt and also get rid of substances trigger cancer. For people in a slimmin… Continue reading

Several kinds of Tingling, showed symptoms of different diseases

s of tingling may be associated with deficiency of vitamin B1, B6, and B12. It usually occurs in people who consume less fruit and vegetables. Tingling can also be suffered by people who have metabolic disorders. For example, cancer, or heavy metal poisoning type of lead (Pb). Tingling can be treated with a special vitamin for nerve. That group of vitamins B1, B6 and B12. It is useful to maintain peripheral nerves for not quickly broken. Other th… Continue reading