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Fructose and Diabetes

Fructose honey is safe for people with diabetes mellitus The enemy for people with diabetes mellitus is glucose. The content of the glucose can not be solved by an abnormal insulin production. That’s why sugar consumption should be limited for people with diabetes mellitus. But apparently fructose and diabetes as two people are friendly. Fructose in the honey was very well taken by diabetics. The content in honey is fructose but not gluco… Continue reading

Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms

…his is a kind of protein that has binding function of acetylcholine (chemical substance that triggers the movement of the nerve in the body). Because the decreased number of acetylcholine receptors, automatically coordination and nerves become disrupted. What neurological disorders experienced by people with myasthenia gravis? The symptoms are the patient has difficulty controlling the movement of the eyelids, chewing, swallowing and talking. Com… Continue reading

Several kinds of Tingling, showed symptoms of different diseases

Do you ever feel the paresthesia or tingling? That’s definitely not comfortable. Usually, mild tingling and quickly disappear. But there is also tingling severe and prolonged. In this severe condition, the muscle has lost strength and decreases the risk. Even just holding the cup just can not afford. Tingling arise due to dysfunction of nerve fibers. Disorders can occur in peripheral nerve system, nerve cells in the spinal cord or periph… Continue reading

Communication exercises for couples

Quarrels in the household can happen, even often. Is this reasonable? Yes, it may be said a natural thing, because two individuals often have different thoughts. If there is no quarrel, was bland and feared marriage ended in boredom. For households that are experiencing, you need communication exercises for couples. From some surveys found that the cause of quarrels husband and wife is preceded by little things. Starting from the husband snore … Continue reading

Workplace Health and Safety Management

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have given voluntary protection plan supervision guidelines to inspire organizations to do not just adhere to regulations to prevent work injuries and ailments. Even though compliance with the legislation, such as particular has. 1 percent requirements, is a vital goal, an efficient company security program seems over and above specific requirements of legislation to handle all hazards. It lo… Continue reading