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Dandruff become severe because of Fungus

Seborrheic dermatitis is not associated with hygiene Dandruff is often a complaint. Exfoliate dead skin on the head is actually a natural thing. Of course, if only happens every 40 days with a number not much. What’s not normal is dandruff appears very much, in the form of small scales, thin and white or gray. Its location can be in one place or the whole head. On a more serious condition, the scalp is red, yellowish dandruff, itchy and o… Continue reading

Pimples on the scalp

Some people often have pimples on the scalp. Small bumps like pimples can grow a little or it can also grow many. This causes itching on the scalp and pimples pain when pressed. Cause of acne on the scalp is due to production of excessive sweat glands in the head. If not immediately cleaned, excessive sweating can clogs the sweat glands. And it will form lumps. Sometimes these bumps filled with blood. How to avoid the occurrence of acne on the … Continue reading

What is Osteopenia?

…prevented? Osteopenia is bone loss that usually occurs in premature babies. The cause of this the bone disorder is a high-turnover osteopathy. This means that the bone tissue reabsorption process is faster than the process of forming the bone matrix (bone formation). This condition will become worse because of low levels of calcium, phosphate, and vitamin D in the fetus when the mother enters the third trimester of pregnancy. Osteopenia and osteo… Continue reading

How to get a six pack for girls

Who says six pack abs only for men? Apparently the girls are also many who want to have a flat belly with six pack muscles. The following are easy ways on how to get a six pack for girls, and applicable for men also of course this exercise. There are at least six styles to get a six pack by using a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells weighing 2 kg. You can buy it at fitness equipment stores or sporting goods store. The Technical is to do 15-… Continue reading

Health Topics For Youngsters

Now-a-days, living the kitchen connoisseur is usually the final priority for teens. Kids live in inside enjoyment with technological improvements such as game techniques, web and television, and enjoying handy surroundings with improvements for example vending equipment and take out. Such life-style prevents children from acquiring and remaining wholesome. There is a larger selection of health topics for youngsters. A healthy body situation and… Continue reading