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Low estrogen symptoms cause hair loss

Hair is the crown, especially for women. A healthy and beautiful hair makes a woman look more attractive and beautiful. So what if the hair fall out suddenly and even become bald? On normal hair, 25 – 100 strands of hair fall by itself every day. When more than 100 strands of hair that fell in one day, it means someone is experiencing hair loss or effluvium. Maybe you need to know what the causes of hair loss are: Psychological factors c… Continue reading

How to remove leg hair

Leg hair are the big enemy for the ladies. If the leg hair shaved, women will feel worry the hair will grow increasingly dense. If the leg hair left to grow, this certainly is very disturbing appearance. Excessive hair growth in women associated with the presence of hormone testosterone. Normally, these hormone levels are low in women’s bodies. When excessive hormone testosterone, it will grow hair in places that are usually clean of hai… Continue reading

Stop Plucking your nose hair

Prone to injury, can trigger brain inflammation For those of you who frequent plucking nose, you should immediately stop this habit. Because the habit plucking nose hairs are potentially causing injury at the root of the nose hair, this could be an abscess. If there is an abscess in the nose, making the pain sufferer can not sleep soundly. It is very painful. Abscess in the nose can not be cured by itself. Be careful do not try to treat your ow… Continue reading

Excessive Sweating and Body Odor are very disturbing

Armpit hair shaving to reduce body odor Doctor, I am female aged 19 years. Since I was child, palms and feet, and underarms are often wet because of excessive sweating. This of course makes me shy and not confident in front of my friends. I already see the doctor, undergoing heart records and the results are normal. No problems with my heart health. And it is unpleasant body odor when sweating out excess. Please advice from doctor, what should … Continue reading

Pimples on the scalp

sweating can clogs the sweat glands. And it will form lumps. Sometimes these bumps filled with blood. How to avoid the occurrence of acne on the scalp is to shampoo every day using a special shampoo. Choose a shampoo for oily hair types. Wash your hair every day to clean up excessive sweating on the scalp. If wet hair after shampooing, avoid wearing hats, helmets or veils. Dry your hair first, after that you can use a veil or helmet. But avoid th… Continue reading