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Fructose and Diabetes

Fructose honey is safe for people with diabetes mellitus The enemy for people with diabetes mellitus is glucose. The content of the glucose can not be solved by an abnormal insulin production. That’s why sugar consumption should be limited for people with diabetes mellitus. But apparently fructose and diabetes as two people are friendly. Fructose in the honey was very well taken by diabetics. The content in honey is fructose but not gluco… Continue reading

Use moisturizing soap for diabetic patient

Diabetes mellitus can affect every part of the patient’s body. Skin became one of the targets. There are several kinds of skin conditions that often occur in people who have diabetes mellitus. According to the American Diabetes Association, one in three people with diabetes will experience skin problems caused or influenced by their disease. People with diabetes must know their skin disorders. One of them itches. Itching is often frequent… Continue reading

Right diet to increase muscle mass, not increase fat

For the thin body who Wants to be fat Some obese people lost weight wish for the body look proportional. Conversely, a thin body is also confused, they have eaten as much as possible but weight does not rise as well. This way is wrong. Eating large portions are not controlled even invite new disease. Cause this way of eating would risk disturbing the body’s metabolic system. Especially there is a history of diabetes mellitus in the family… Continue reading

Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms

…his is a kind of protein that has binding function of acetylcholine (chemical substance that triggers the movement of the nerve in the body). Because the decreased number of acetylcholine receptors, automatically coordination and nerves become disrupted. What neurological disorders experienced by people with myasthenia gravis? The symptoms are the patient has difficulty controlling the movement of the eyelids, chewing, swallowing and talking. Com… Continue reading

Diet and Chronic Diseases

get into a vicious loop, in which you appear to be combating with all the foods you actually need on everyday. A person who just isn’t feeling properly, or possibly having a difficult long-term ailment like all forms of diabetes will have lots of problems discovering the right nourishment stability which will also keep your thoughts happy. Creating a wholesome mind may be the key to attaining health and that is what the existing top health … Continue reading