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Beware of the baby’s head circumference every month

Some people believe that babies with big heads will be smarter if they grew up. The reason is the large-sized genius brains stored in large heads. The size of the baby’s head circumference was developed rapidly since birth until the age of two years. And many parents forget to pay attention on this measure in a baby growth chart. The addition of the size of the baby’s head circumference should not be excessive. Average baby head si… Continue reading

Knowing the heart disease risk factors could save your life

Everyone needs knowing the heart disease risk factors to save your life, because a healthy heart is everyone’s dream. Live healthy, prosperous, and free from heart disease and blood vessels healthy will make a person free to move. In the world, cardiovascular disease ranked first for diseases that cause death. Remember of this position, heart disease as a scourge that is horrible for everyone. However, it does not mean we cannot avoid hea… Continue reading

Music Therapy for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Music is one of useful therapy for some diseases, such as for children with autism and Parkinson’s disease. Type of rhythmic music can help people start a movement. For healthy people, raised his head is a reflex that is easy to do. But for people with Parkinson’s disease, raised his head is a difficult thing to do. Music is very good for people with brain degeneration disease to start movement. By listening the music, the people with Par… Continue reading

Diet for coronary heart disease

What is coronary heart disease? And why it is necessary the diet for coronary heart disease? Coronary heart disease is narrowing / blockage of a coronary artery so supplies blood to the heart become disturbed. The causes of coronary heart disease are due to accumulation excess fat and cholesterol on the artery wall lining the coronary vessels, which are affected by an unhealthy diet. Addicted to smoking, hypertension, stress, and high cholester… Continue reading

What is Osteopenia?

In this condition, the baby usually does not feel the intense pain so they are not fussy. Sometimes also found a broken rib which marked sudden shortness of breath on the baby. In addition, osteopenia is also marked elongated head shape (polichocephaly) and inhibited the growth of baby’s body length. Then how to prevent this bone disorder? Here are some preventions of osteopenia in premature infants: Early detection. By monitoring weight, … Continue reading