Why is there blood in my sperm?

Each man will probably panic when he saw the red spot on his sperm. Is this dangerous symptom? Calm down and do not panic. This condition is called hemospermia. Hemospermia is indeed a sign of irregularities, but not a malignant disease (cancer). Usually when the blood came, the smell of sperm becomes more stinging and sometimes accompanied by pain.

The condition of the blood that comes out can vary. It may be a brownish red spots in semen, can also seem like menstrual blood in women. Blood causes sperm are not cloudy white color but red. Hemospermia symptoms can become dangerous if left unchecked.

So, what are actually hemospermia causes?

  • One of them is an infection of the urinary tract. If not treated perfectly, the bacteria causing urinary tract infection can spread to pockets of sperm. The bacteria can trigger the rupture of blood vessels. These broken vessels makes bleed out with sperm.
  • BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Benign prostate enlargement can causes sperm mixed with blood.
  • Do Intercourse with a partner who suffered from leucorrhoea. Leucorrhea does not bother a man when intercourse. But this condition should be treated so as not to occur mutually infectious.

How does hemospermia treatment?

Beginning with a sperm analysis. The goal is to ascertain whether the red color is really just a mixture of blood or concentrated urine color. It usually occurs in patients with acute hepatitis A, the color of reddish-brown urine looks like the tea. And urine can be mixed into the sperm.

After analyzing the sperm, then the patient is given treatment. Doctors usually give antibiotics, anti-inflammation, and anti-adhesions. And do not worry; Hemospermia can be cured in one cycle of treatment.

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