Amazing Facts about California – The Jewel of USA

California is the state of dreams. Proudly positioning it as one of the best states of United States of America in every field of life and economy- California creates newer records with each coming day and hence there are so many amazing facts about this lovely state which puts it ahead of the other forty nine states of the America and makes us remember the state of California; at least for the statistics and records written in golden letters.


The state of California is often referred to as ‘the golden state’. The state capital is in the city of Sacramento. The state of California has its largest city named the Los Angeles, which is followed by the second largest city of San Diego.


Well! This is surely an amazing fact that the state of California is the largest producer of turkey in the United States of America. It is very well possible that if you are is USA during thanks giving and you are buying a turkey for your thanksgiving dinner at your relatives’ place or in your boss’s home- the turkey may not be from the state in which you buy it. The turkey may be bread and nurtured and brought up in California; after which it is transported to several other states and hence the turkey in your hand.


Well! Here is one of the most shocking news of the county side which is surely one for the Guinness book of world records. The eighth smallest county in the state of California is named as the Alpine. It is amazing to know that the county does not have any ATM machines or even banks. Well! If you are not surprised enough, you will surely fall from your desk when you learn that this county does not have any schools or to go further ahead it does not even have any traffic signals.


Well! Not only the smallest, the state of California is ahead in the race for the largest too. The largest county in USA is the San Bernardino. Surprisingly, it is also in the state of California. Talking of the largest, the largest amphitheater in USA as well as the whole world in located in none other than the state of California. The largest amphitheatre is name as the ‘Hollywood Bowl’. Also you will be amazed to know that the state of California in ahead in the race of wine production too. California is one of the largest wine producing states of that United States of America and has held the top position for several years with a yearly production of 17 million gallons of wine.


Well! This is nothing to be proud of. But as the history of modern civilization goes- this woe is also in the share of the great state of California. California is the home to the dirtiest place in the country of USA and mostly the dirtiest place of the entire world too. The Death Valley, as we call it, is surely the dirtiest place of the United States of America. The temperature here often reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a proof enough to point out how dirty and humid the place can be.


The official state symbolical tree of the state of California is the ‘Redwood’. The state has several redwood trees spread in the area all around and surprisingly some of them are older than 2000 years. Not to forget that the state entered the United States of America statehood on 9th September, 1950; and since then has shown immense development and has been pioneer in the states of USA to start the era of development every time the country was in the danger of economy depression. The GDP of the state of California is higher than most of the other states and has a lot to contribute to the buzzing USA economy. As decided by the state authorities, the official bird of the state of California is the Valley Quail and the official animal of this proud state is the Grizzly Bear.

The state also owns the Central Valley, a flat plan which is 75 miles wide and 430 miles long. It is currently the richest agricultural area of the world. Also the state homes more than 2200 beef producers with more than 5 million cattle herd grown and nurtured on around 37 million hectares of land.

The state of California is amazing is every field of the economy and society and the fact would never stop to make us more amazed about this great state.