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CHINA Facts, Unknown Facts about CHINA

China is situated in East Asia and it is one of the most populated countries in the world with a population of over 1.35 billion. Beijing is the capital city of China. China is official known as People’s Republic of China. China covers the area about 9.6 million square kilometer.  Area wise, China is world’s second largest country.… Read More »

Some Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is the largest country in the word according to land area. Officially Russia is known as Russian Federation. Neighboring countries of Russia are China, North Korea, Ukraine and Norway. Russia acquires population more than 143 million most recently calculated on 2013. Most commonly language used in Russia is Russian; other languages are also used in some parts… Read More »

Most Interesting Facts About Japan

Japan is an Island nation in East Asia that is situated in Pacific Ocean. Sometimes Japan is also recognized as the “Land of rising Sun” and because of this nature, Japan is known as “Sun-origin.” With more than 126 million people, Japan becomes the world’s tenth largest population. According to last measured report of 2011, population-density of Japan… Read More »

Interesting Facts About China – A Flowery Kingdom

Across the world, one among every five people is Chinese. As the population of great China is equal to 1.35 billion (135 Crore), that is four times of the population of US. China (officially People’s Republic of China) is the country of Asia continent. The second largest country of the world covering almost 9.6 million square km land… Read More »

Discover Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is among the four states in US that have barred billboards.  Hawaii is a state that is completely bordered by water; there is no strait line in its state boundary. Geographically Hawaii is not located in North America. Interesting facts about Hawaii are that it is the only state having an increasing land area in US. Hawaii… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Australia- You Must Know these

World’s Sixth largest country Australia is the smallest continent of the world, which encompasses more than 20 million of the population in it. More than 40 percent population is immigrants or children of them and 25 percent were born overseas. Australia’s main population lives in the South East and east. 70-71 percent of the population live near coast.… Read More »

Explore The Most Interesting Facts About Florida

A visit to the mighty United States would be incomplete without going to Florida. Florida is a captivating state, which is situated in the lovely southern region of the U.S. Ponce De Leon ( Spanish explorer) was the one who discovered as well as named the fascinating state. On March 3, 1845, Florida was entered as a state… Read More »

Delightful Interesting Facts About Italy

Vatican City is a unique city in the world that is governed by the Bishop.  Vatican City (officially Vatican City State) is the smallest city of the world from both aspects area (110 acres) as well as population (840). This internationally recognized independent state is located in Rome, the capital of Italy. Italy is the country of the… Read More »

Discover the Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain, the dream country having all things you want and all things you require. Spain is popular throughout the globe for its cultural and historical impact on the world. You must have learnt about this captivating country when you were in school. With the passing of time, the information may be eliminated from the slot of your memory.… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Texas- True Facts Making Texas Popular

Texas is a city in Galveston County in the US of Texas. Texas is a busy deep water port. It has petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing center. Above all the city is noted for a major explosion in the year 1947 that demolished the port and nearly destroyed the city, which was the most disastrous incident that occurred.… Read More »