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Interesting Facts About Intestines

Intestines are the very important organ in the gastrointestinal tract of the digestive system. They are long, regular tube running from stomach to anus. Intestines play a very important role in digestion, they absorb the juices and essential nutrients from the food than those nutrients are supplied to the blood to be distributed in other organs for good… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Kidneys

A human body consists of two kidneys, which are located on opposite sides one on left and the other on right side of the body. The major function of kidneys is to purify the blood and send the waste material for excretion through urine. Kidneys also play an important role in maintaining the balance of composition of acid,… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Human Body

This current structure of the human body has been developed after a long change since many periods. The human body is an incredible and complex system that makes human superior than other creatures. The ancestors of the  human were Chimpanzee.  As their need and life style changed gradually, his body structure also changed with respect to his needs.… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Heart

Heart is the most important organ of our body. If we wonder our body as a machine than hear acts like engine of the machine that continuously works without interrupt. Heart is considered as the central part of the human body because; every moment and reactions running under the body directly or indirectly depend on functioning of the… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Nails

Nails are a small part of hands and there are many interesting things related with them. Some of them are superstitious while others carry weight, as they are scientific. In fact, the superstitious things also contain some logic in them and thus grab the attention. There are many interesting facts about nails, which may seem unbelievable at first… Read More »