Delightful Interesting Facts About Italy

Vatican City is a unique city in the world that is governed by the Bishop.  Vatican City (officially Vatican City State) is the smallest city of the world from both aspects area (110 acres) as well as population (840). This internationally recognized independent state is located in Rome, the capital of Italy. Italy is the country of the continent Europe. Italy, also known as Italian Republic officially, is bordered by the Italian Peninsula and Sardinia to the south and positioned in Southern Europe. Beside this, there is a plethora of interesting facts about Italy. Italy is the most populated country of the Europe, having 20% population of the entire Europe. The country is known for its historical and cultural backgrounds in Europe as well as in the world. The country gives a great number of masterpieces to the world. In addition to this, Italy also has a lot of fame by its misty hills and mountains. The Italian cuisines also give the upliftment to the interesting facts about Italy. Italy is considered as one of the most developed countries in the world, due to it reinstated the democracy, abolished the monarchy, and extended economic. The country has numerous of volcanoes having with 16 states and six islands. Most of the income of the nation is considered for its business of wine, which consumes 26 gallons (approximate 100 liter) of wine in a year. Italy has been making wines since from ancient period, almost over 2800 years. Other interesting facts about Italy include its Parma and surrounding areas that are known for providing Parmesan cheese, are situated in Italy. Apart from Parmesan cheese, there is a myriad range of cheese including ricotta, gorgonzola, provolone, and mozzarella as well, which comes from Italy. Pasta is a national dish of Italy and the average consumption of pasta per year in Italy is considered as 25 kg per person. The interesting facts about Italy in order to cuisines, when a delicious dish namely pizza was invented (in 18th century) no one knows about it in intact Italy rather than Naples. Naples is the capital of southwestern Italy region namely Campania, the city also known as a port and most popular tourist place in southwestern Italy.

In addition to the tourist attraction place of Italy, there is a wide range of place such as museums, mountains, palace, cathedral buildings, caves, docks, beaches, and many more. The interesting facts about Italy may also be pointed as

  • Italy has museums over 3,000.
  • The thermometer, the optical eyeglasses and typewriter were Italian inventions.
  • The cello and the violin were both inventions of Italy.
  • In the year of 1946, the Vespa scooter was invented in Italy.
  • The Vatican City state is a separate sovereign nation, situated in Italy.
  • The national sport and the national bird of Italy are Soccer and Bluebird respectively.
  • The national dish and the national flower of Italy are pasta and Lily respectively.
  • Italy has almost Sixty percent of the world’s art treasures.
  • Italy also created Opera.
  • Italy has most elevators then it holds the Guiness record for this.
  • Italy is well-known for its sports cars including Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo.
  • The highest point and the longest river in Italy are Mont Blanc and Po respectively.
  • Italy is also known for hosting the Olympic Games three times.

In the field of entertainment, some charming and interesting facts about Italy are also most significant. The Venice Film Festival is popular as the oldest film festival across the world, which is starting in 1932, owned by Italy. A set of the most popular play of Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet was in Italian region Verona. The country is also considered as having an array of famous fashion designers than any other nations. After reading this information and interesting facts about Italy, if you are thinking to make a visit to this awe-inspiring nation then go ahead as the country is indeed worth visiting. The country is famous worldwide for its cultural and historical impact. Every year a substantial number of tourists approximately 40 million come to this magnificent country. If you are a travelling aficionado and looking for a country to visit this time, then Italy is the best place to select as it offers you all the things you ever wanted.