Discover Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is among the four states in US that have barred billboards.  Hawaii is a state that is completely bordered by water; there is no strait line in its state boundary. Geographically Hawaii is not located in North America. Interesting facts about Hawaii are that it is the only state having an increasing land area in US. Hawaii is also the only producer of coffee in the nation, it has tropical rain forest and is made completely of islands. Capital city of Hawaii is Honolulu which is also the largest city. Hawaii is also called as The Aloha State. Languages which are commonly used in Hawaii are Hawaiian and English. U.S. Dollar is the currency of Hawaii. Area code used for Hawaii is 808. Land area of Hawaii covers 10932 square miles. Flag of Hawaii consist of eight horizontal stripes which are equally thick color sequence repeat with white color on the top then red and then blue but blue does not comes in the end. Idea behind these eight stripes is that they represent eight islands of Hawaii. On the left corner at the top of the flag there is a union flag of United kingdom is displayed which is also known as Union Jack. This symbolizes the British Heritage with the island.

Hawaii State is a state of islands. Total eight main islands are found in Hawaii namely Niihau, Maui, Lanai, Oahu, Maui, Kahoolawe and a big Island of Hawaii. There are many interesting facts about Hawaii such as it is a commercial supplier of pineapples; one third of the world receives pineapple from Hawaii.  Hawaiian language consists of only 12 alphabets including vowels A, E, I, O, U and consonants H, K, L, M, N, P, and W. None of the state in United States is as wide as Hawaii. Islands of Hawaii are formed by the volcano erupted thousands of years ago under the sea. Hawaii was admitted as a state on August 20th 1959 by Union. Hawaii is also one of the earliest birth places of AIDS in United States. A 50 years old woman was confirmed with the diseases in May 1978 at the first time she died because of it in August of the same year. It is also the first state in united nation to legalize abortion on demand from 1970. People in Hawaii honor a monarch and celebrate June 11 as a King Kamehameha day since 1872, they believe that he has united the Hawaii Island in 1810. A unique creature “happy face spider” is commonly found in Hawaii. There is a smiling face seen on the back of this type of spider. Mainly two types of native mammals are found here “the hoary bat“and “the monk seal”.  Day biting mosquitoes first took place in Hawaii in 1872 by a merchant ship and bought new diseases like malaria and plague with them.

Some more interesting facts about Hawaii are here, Native yellow Hibiscus is the native flower of Hawaii. Initially Polynesians use to live in these islands, this island was discovered by Captain James Cook and his team on 18th January 1778, he was a European explorer he gave the name “The Sandwich Island” to it. The nick name of Hawaii is Aloha which means affection, peace, and kindness. There are eight active volcanoes found on the island of Hawaii other than these five more volcanoes are there in other islands. The largest volcano is Mount Kilauea. This one is the most active volcano in the world; it has a height of more than 1220 meter and a boundary of 13 km. This volcano is so active that it has created a new land of 500 acres in last 30 years. The place remains warm throughout the year. In summer season the maximum temperature ranges up to 85 degree Celsius and in winter it is 78 degree Celsius. Rainy season arrives in the months of November till March. Islands here are the projecting tops of the biggest mountain range in the world.  There are lots of Interesting facts about Hawaii. You will be amazed when you come to explore about it. This is a wonderful place clubbed with many Islands and existence of many volcanoes.