Discover the Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain, the dream country having all things you want and all things you require. Spain is popular throughout the globe for its cultural and historical impact on the world. You must have learnt about this captivating country when you were in school. With the passing of time, the information may be eliminated from the slot of your memory. However, you cannot help but say that Spain is the country that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. In this article, you are going to discover some of the most interesting facts about Spain.

You are going to discover a beautiful plethora of secrets about this charismatic country. Unlike other countries, Spain has no tooth fairies instead there is a tooth mouse known as Ratoncito Prez. In Western Europe, Spain has the lowest population density (Scandinavia not included). The name of Spain is derived from the word Ispania that connotes the land of rabbits. Unlike many other countries, Spain did not partake in both first as well as the second world wars. Among all the countries in the EU, Spain has the highest numbers of bars. Other interesting facts about Spain involve its production of bananas. No country in the whole Europe produces bananas except Spain.

Being a monarchy, the country is being ruled by King Juan Carlos I at present. The local people of Spain possess more cars than cell phones. This shows the level of prosperity that the nation has. In addition to this, the Spaniards invented mop. The language that is mostly spoken(after English) across the world is Spanish. It has 329 million native speakers across the globe. Some people may think that these interesting facts about Spain are enough in order to make the country unique. However, the story has just reached at the middle, and there is a lot to occur in the coming lines.

Visitors in Ibiza (a city in Spain) have been recorded to spend around 143 million Euros (Spanish currency) every year. Apart from this, Spain has the privilege to be one of the prime European countries that banned smoking in bars and workplaces. Among the most surprising and interesting facts about Spain is that it has legalized same sex marriage in the year 2005, and it is legal until the date. Soccer is played with such sincerity that it sometimes seems like a religion in the country. Real Madrid soccer club (in Spain) has more than 228 million supporters across the globe. It is the most popular soccer club worldwide. There are so many interesting facts about Spain that one can hardly remember all of them. The teenagers of Spain generally begin dating in groups at the age of 14.

The Spaniards brought tobacco, avocadoes, cacao, tomatoes, and potatoes to Europe from their American colonies. After that, these things were spread throughout the world. The population of Spain is mostly Roman Catholic (more than 76 percent). In the year of 1992, the Olympics were conducted in Barcelona (a Spanish city). Apart from this, bull running is a well-known event in Spain. Furthermore, the country contains 8000 km of beaches as well as 4,964 km of coastline. Other interesting facts about Spain include its production of olive oil, which contributes to 44 percent of the whole earth’s production. If this information makes you feel about travelling to Spain, then you should go ahead as the country is worth visiting.

With the help of this information, it is clear that Spain has an excellent array of things, which one would like to explore. Concisely, it would be right to articulate that the charming country has enough reasons to allure someone. For ease, the numerous interesting facts about Spain are summarized below.

  • Spain is among the largest countries in Europe
  • Madrid (the capital of Spain) is regarded as the greenest capital in Europe
  • 96 percent Spanish population is Roman Catholic
  • It has over 8000 km of beaches
  • Nudity is absolutely legal in Spain
  • The same-sex marriage has been legal here since 2005
  • It is popular for its olive oil production across the globe
  • The Spaniards love to play soccer
  • The most supported club is the Spanish Real Madrid
  • Bullfighting is the most controversial sport in Spain