Exclusive and Interesting Facts of Jupiter

In the recent few years, many youngsters have shown their interests and intentions to know and collect information about solar system. Particularly, many students intended to collect interesting facts of Jupiter, known as the biggest in between nine different planets of the solar system. This is the planet, which has different names given by people belonging to different parts of the world. For instance, people of Russia call it as Yupiter, while people of Italy refer the same as Giove. With the help of this article, many experienced astronauts have explained some necessary facts about this biggest planet of the solar system.

Greek Mythology for Jupiter

Jupiter is largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter also knows as Zeus according to Greek mythology. Saturn is father of the Jupiter; he is kings of the god and splits the universe with his brothers Neptune and Pluto.  Jupiter is a very stormy and colourful planet because presents of the storm in the Jupiter’s atmosphere. Jupiter’s red spot known as “The eye of the Jupiter” because there shape. It has no solid surface or we can say that Jupiter is considered a gas giant. In this atmosphere has large liquid hydrogen and water.

Profile of Jupiter

Based on the profile of Jupiter, the distance of the planet from sun is equal to 778,412,020, while its diameter is 142,984 km. This planet can spin over its axis for the duration equal to 9 hours and 55 minutes. One of the interesting facts of Jupiter is that it’s one year is equal to earth’s 11 years and 314 days. Based on this fact, whenever an individual goes to calculate the gravity of Jupiter he would likely equal to find as 2.14 in case of finding earth’s gravity as one. In other words, whenever your weight is 39 KG then your weight will be 84 KG on Jupiter. Now we are going to focus on the Temperature in Jupiter at Cloud Session -148 °c and Jupiter’s Maximum Surface Temperature is 462 °C.

Jupiter Rings

Jupiter rings are also known as the interesting facts of Jupiter. Many space research professionals have said that Jupiter has three different rings, which people can see with the help of telescopes from the Earth. We can see three rings from the earth and name of these rings is Gossamer, Main and Halo.

Jupiter’s Moon

Many people do not have any awareness of one of the interesting facts of Jupiter that it has moons. Here, you will find sixty-two moons and they are divided into different parts. According to NASA, fifty moons are official and twelve are unofficial moons. There are some most popular and largest moons are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto were discovered by Galileo in the year 1610. The Ganymede, is the biggest moon in the Solar System.

Planet Comprises of Gases

Jupiter’s is a planet containing different types of gasses. You will find many gasses available in Jupiter. Some of these are available in the form of hydrogen (H2), while others are available as helium (He). Even you will find many gasses available in smaller quantities, including methane, ammonia (NH3), hydrogen Deuteride (HD), ethane (C2H6) and water (H2O). Ices present include ammonia (NH3), water (H2O) and ammonium hydrosulfide (NH4SH).

Acts as Vacuum Cleaner of Solar System

Now experts involved in analysis of Jupiter planet will discuss another feature of the solar system. Jupiter is capable to perform functions in the form of vacuum cleaner or you can say that Jupiter is vacuum cleaner of the solar system. It shuck sucks the comets, asteroids and meteorites of the solar system and they could be on a collision course for Earth.

Human Weight over the Planet

Human bodyweight over Jupiter is solely dependent over the gravity of the planet. Since, the gravity of Jupiter is too much high as compared to that of the earth, so, you could likely expect huge weight over the planet as compared to the weight you have in the earth. In conclusion, Jupiter is the biggest and the unique planet prevailing in the entire solar system. Therefore, if you are interested to know Jupiter, you should look over the opinion and reports of astronauts and know relevant facts today.