Explore The Most Interesting Facts About Florida

A visit to the mighty United States would be incomplete without going to Florida. Florida is a captivating state, which is situated in the lovely southern region of the U.S. Ponce De Leon ( Spanish explorer) was the one who discovered as well as named the fascinating state. On March 3, 1845, Florida was entered as a state (27th state) to United States. Tallahassee is the beautiful capital of the state. A nickname for this shining state is Sunshine State. Orange blossom has the privilege to be the state flower. Additionally, there are 67 districts in the state. These are some interesting facts about florida, an integral part of the United States. Even so, there is a lot to know about Florida, which you are going to discover in the coming lines. There was a time in the history when people used to think that there was a magical fountain of youth in Florida. There had been battles for the state and almost 80 million visitors come to Florida each year. Apart from this, Florida owns over 11,000 miles of streams, waterways, and rivers as well as 663 miles of beaches. Other interesting facts about florida involve its population. The state is at the fourth number in terms of population (subsequent to New York, California, and Texas). The world famous and widely used suntan cream was invented in the state. Besides orange blossom, there are a number of other state symbols such as sabal palm, and northern mockingbird. Those who love golf regard Florida as home. The state offers more golf courses than any other state in the nation. These interesting facts about florida indicate that the state has a land of fun loving and live hearted people. If you want to enjoy the enchanting environment and unique hospitality of the local people, you must visit Florida once.

Surprisingly, no dinosaur fossils are found in Florida, as the state was underwater when dinosaurs were on the stalk. Venice (a city in Florid) is popular as the shark tooth capital of the world as Florida has an assortment of shark fossils around it. In addition to this, if you love Baseball, then you would be surprised to know that fifteen Major League Baseball teams take spring training in Florida. There is an excellent myriad of interesting facts about florida for the people of every taste, interests, as well as hobbies. The state is producing over 135 million oranges per year, and the official drink is, obviously, orange juice. The people of Florida love wildlife so much that the state is famous as the home to around 5,000 butterflies. Furthermore, Florida has a state bird, state animal, a state butterfly, a state horse, a state tortoise, a state saltwater fish, a state freshwater fish, state marine mammal, a state saltwater reptile, and even a state saltwater mammal. After these interesting facts about florida, it would not be unjust to call the state as the wildlife state. Each day, approximately 1,000 people move to Florida. Florida has both commercial as well as international airports with the number of 19, and 12 respectively. Since the state has plenty of moisture, heat, and lifting mechanisms, it has more thunderstorms than any other state in the United States. Moreover, Florida holds over 4500 islands that occupy more than 10 acres of land. There are so widespread interesting facts about florida that one can hardly grasp them all at a time. The butterfly peacock bass (a world-class sport fish of fresh water), that is popular for its bright color, is found in the waters of south Florida.

Unfortunately, there is an average of 30 injuries, and 10 deaths due to lightning a year. In Spanish language, Florida denotes “feast of flowers.” In addition, the city of Haines is regarded as the heart of Florida. There are a great number of astounding, and interesting facts about florida that allure the people worldwide. Wakulla Spring, located near Tallahassee, is the deepest freshwater spring of the world. The world’s longest sailboat race is the annual Mug Race of Florida. Aside from this, Florida has the privilege to be the only state that contains 2 rivers with the same name. There is a Withlacoochee in central Florida, and again a Withlacoochee in Madison County (north central Florida). Surprisingly, both the rivers have nothing in common except the name.