Fascinating and Interesting Facts About France

France is called as the birthplace of the two most precious arts or style of architecture namely the gothic and the baroque. There is a plethora of example of these two arts; mainly the gothic art can be seen with the ancient buildings and cathedrals. Apart from this, there are a numerous of interesting facts about France vary from traditional culture to the modern era. France (French Republic) is also well known as a crowned head country of the continent Europe. Metropolitan France is the largest country as geometric aspect in Western Europe as well as third largest one of whole Europe. Almost 20% of France stretch outside to the Europe, this section known as DOM-Tom. The official languages of the country namely French are also same for other countries such as Canada, Monaco, Niger, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, Congo, and Luxembourg. The strong cultural, military, political, and economical backgrounds are made to it the powerful country.

Many people have interested to know the interesting facts about France because of its historical backgrounds. There are a great number of decorated ancient caves, palaces, manor and castles. The country is surrounded by the three major water bodies namely Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and English Channel. The food diary of the France, which published approximately two books daily, is also known as one of the best cuisines over the world. In addition to this, wine is made in the country since Roman Empire. Beside this, the interesting facts about france can also be considered for its unparalleled tourist attractions including Notre Dame, Mont St Michel, Mont Blanc, Carcassonne and many more.

Sometimes, France called as L’Hexagone (means hexagon) due to its geometrical shape. In addition to this, France is considered as second-largest diplomatic corps, third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons, and sixth-largest military budget having country at world level. The interesting facts about france can also be pointed as

  • Symbol of France is the tallest building  known as Eiffel Tower
  • Largest nation having five rivers and seven mountains of the Western Europe
  • Marseillaise is the national anthem of the France
  • The statue of liberty situated in US is made in France and gifted to US in the year of 1886
  • There are only three presidents of France over the 32 years namely Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, François Mitterrand, and Jacques Chirac
  • France has famous for its cuisines especially for cheese having 300 to 400 of varieties
  • France is one of the country having lots of fame for producing wine over the 17 distinct nations
  • France has haunted palace namely Versailles palace ( Kings of France was lived here)
  • France has occupied an underground  rail tunnel (channel tunnel) that connects England to it
  • France has the high speed train (having almost speed of 357 mph) known as Train à Grande Vitesse (TGV)
  • France has the fame as most visited country (over 80 million visitors every year) in the world

However, France is also regarded as the country of Oktoberfest, beer, and sausages. The interesting facts about France can also be considerable due to its capital called Paris. Paris is the economical, cultural, and traditional federal hub of the country. The capital of the country, Paris is also known as the city of light. Every year, Paris held the one of the four grand slam events.

France has also the greatest scientist name was Louis Pasteur in the fields of microbiology and chemistry who had the credit of many discoveries. The submarine, the parachute, and the hot air balloon are the famous inventions, which invented by Scientists of French can also help to uplift of the interesting facts about France. While, French fries as well as French toast was not invented by French scientists. The English term French kiss as a slur on the culture of the French, therefore, kiss is prohibited on railways. “Let them eat cake” was not associated with queen of France namely Marie Antoinette because this statement was formed before ten years of her birth. The French film industry is second in the world. You must visit at least once in the life to this fantastic country of the world especially Paris. As having a lot of facts, the country also offers unmatched attraction.