10 Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is an important political figure in America. He was the 16th President of the USA. Lincoln was assassinated during his presidency. He was the man who led America through its civil wars. The American civil war being the bloodiest war unleashed enormous moral, constitutional and political crisis. Eventually he gained victory in the war and in doing so he not only preserved the Union but also abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government and also modernized the economy.

One of the interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln lies in his childhood. Lincoln’s childhood years was raised in an impoverished environment. He was however self educated. He also was a Whig party leader as well as a state in the initial days. He was also a Congress member. During his period the American economy was modernized through banks, canals and railroads. Tariffs were collected to build factories. He was opposer of the war that US was indulged in with Mexico. He was the first in USA to oppose the expansion of slavery. At first Lincoln lost the senate elections. He however being a moderate was nominated as a Republican Party candidate for the presidential elections. He won the elections with a thumping majority and became the 16th president of USA. During his tenure seven southern slave states formed a confederacy but no decision to abolish slavery was taken during that time.

Important & Interesting Facts about Abraham Lincoln

Post confederate attack on Fort sumter when North America rallied behind the national flag, Lincoln focussed on the military and political aspects of the war. With the aim of reuniting the nation, he took several important measures that included the suspension of habeas corpus, arresting and detaining thousands of revolutionaries in the Border States and that too without any trial. Lincoln did not encourage British interference and dexterously diffusing the Trent affair. He during his presidency implemented several complicated procedures that eventually slavery. He also made arrangements to extent protection to the escaped slaves. He took steps to encourage the abolition of slavery by Border States of USA. With an aim to abolish slavery he introduced several constitutional amendments. Lincoln supervised the civil war efforts. If you give your valuable time to know the interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln, you would likely know that he made prudent choices about top generals that ultimately aided him to win the war. He made important decisions on strategising union war. Lincoln commanded the navy to make significant war manoeuvres thus leading to victory during the civil war. He endeavoured to take control of the confederate capital at Richmond and after repeated attempts ultimately achieved success in controlling the capital.

Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln revealed that as a politician, Lincoln is the most revered one. He emphasized on issues related to state power. He reached out to democrats and successfully managed his own re-elections in 1864 presidential elections. He was a republican and at the same time he was a moderate leader. When the republicans were demanding harsher treatment of the South it was he, who called for compromise. Many contemporary American political masters hated him and this despises later lead to his unnatural demise. Lincoln was a true patron. He was skilled in pitting his opponents against each other. He was also an excellent orator. His speech was simple and was unique to convey the ambitions and aspirations of the Native Americans. In his speeches he was not shy of emphasizing on principles of nationalism, equal rights, liberty and democracy. He formulated many effective policies to reunite the nation. Lincoln was unfortunately assassinated and thus ended the legacy of this extra ordinary human being. He is considered as the greatest of all US presidents.

Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln romantic life started with his marriage with Ann Rutledge. They were in a relationship but that relationship was informal. She died at an early age. This prompted Lincoln to commence his relationship with Mary Owens.  However, unfortunately that relationship never lasted and ended abruptly. Later Lincoln got engaged to Mary Todd and then married. Lincoln’s sons died at an early age and their deaths had caused profound sorrow in his mind.  Later because of his wife’s ill health and the death of his sons, Lincoln became unwell, as he most often remained depressed. During the later part of his life, he was so much in grief that he used to seldom participate in political meetings. However, the unnatural death of Abraham Lincoln had left the entire USA in a state of grief and sorrow.