10 Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is popular throughout the world for many reasons, most especially for the role he played before and during the world war second. A lot of stuff have been written and is being written on Hitler and his life. Some of the people regard him as a great general while others considered him a merciless murderer of millions of innocent human beings. From both the angles, it remains a fact that he left a remarkable impression on the pages of history. Here, some surprising and interesting facts about Adolf Hitler are being presented. Hitler lived for a long time with Eva Braun from 1912 to 1945. She tried to commit suicide two times for the sake of getting Hitler’s attention more. Though Hitler was a born orator, yet he had a harsh voice because he suffered from a gas attack during the First World War. Hitler’s attitude can be understood by his statement, which he made on a normal thing. One of his friends told him that his little mustache was not in the fashion. Hitler replied, “If it is not the fashion now, it will be because I wear it.” This confidence remained in him throughout his life. These are only a few among various astonishing and interesting facts about Adolf Hitler. Furthermore, Hitler married Eva Braun in the year 1945 and both killed themselves only 36 hours subsequent to their marriage. Hitler was 56 years old and Eva Braun was 33 years old when they both committed suicide. He would use strange medical remedies, which include leeches and enemas, as well. The very name “Adolf” stands for “noble wolf” and “Hitler” connotes “smallholder.”  Surprisingly, one of the most interesting facts about Adolf Hitler is that he could never get the majority support in free elections.

Hitler was born on 20th of April 1889 in Braunau Am Inn, Austria. Hitler’s mother and father died before he reached the age of 19. His mother died of breast cancer while his father died of pleural hemorrhage. Other interesting facts about Adolf Hitler include his imprisonment in the year 1923. The policy of racism that Hitler adopted eventually became the cause of killing of over 11 million people, including six million Jews. His father wished him to be a civil servant, but Hitler dreamt of being an artist. Unfortunately, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna rejected him two times in the year 1907 and 1908 respectively. Apart from this, Hitler did not like school but he afterwards would praise his history teacher for introducing ancient Greek history and its prominent figures to him. He suffered two times with grave injuries during world war first but managed to live. Other surprising, as well as interesting facts about Adolf Hitler, involve that he was a vegetarian. The time magazine featured Hitler as the man of the year in 1938. He so loved sweet that he used to eat two pounds of chocolates every day. Moreover, he wished to kill Sir Winston Churchill with a chocolate bomb. He dictated his bomb makers to make an explosive device and cover it with a dark layer of chocolate. His chocolate love did not suite his mouth and teeth as his personal dentist remarked that Hitler had a very bad breath and gum diseases. Besides this, Richard Wanger was Hitler’s favorite composer. There are so many and widespread interesting facts about Adolf Hitler that one could scarcely keep them all in his or her memory in one time.

Though Hitler leaded the growth of Volkswagen car, yet he never took the trouble of learning to drive. Astonishingly, Hitler eventually became the chancellor of Germany despite not being born in Germany. He was afraid of getting cancer and had a problem of chronic gastrointestinal as well as high blood pressure. Besides, there occurred a blockage around his gall bladder, which leaded to hepatitis in his body. Hitler was so terrified of getting ill that he continuously consumed pills and became addicted to pills. If you want to learn more concerning interesting facts about Adolf Hitler, then you can make use of internet. You can also select a book among a plethora of choices and go through it. However, the above-mentioned points cover all the essential aspects of Hitler’s life.