10 Interesting Facts about Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is a significant figure for the Americans as he is the founding father of United States of America. He is also the chief of staff to US general Washington. Mr Hamilton is regarded as one of the most influential person in USA and he is also credited with interpreting and promoting the constitution of America. He was the founder of America’s financial system. Not only this, he is credited with founding the first American political party.

People involved in providing interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton said that he remained the Secretary of Treasury and during his stint as the secretary, he authored the economic policies of the administration of George Washington. The important work of Mr Hamilton included the funding of the state debts by the Federal government. Also he is often credited with the establishment of national banks in America. Besides, he is also credited for having introduced a system of tariffs and most importantly he is credited with sustaining friendly trade relations with Britain. Later he also headed the Federalist Party. This party has been conceptualised by Mr Hamilton and was therefore grossly influenced by him. The Democratic Republican party that was lead by Thomas Jefferson opposed this party.

Interesting Facts about Alexander Hamilton & Good Deeds of Alexander Hamilton

In addition, if you look over interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton, you would come to know that Hamilton extended his service in the American Revolutionary war. Just after the commencement of the war, Hamilton was the pioneer in organizing an artillery company. He was even chosen as a captain in this company. Later he held important posts and was even a close confidant of General George Washington. Hamilton served in the army under General Washington. He was entrusted by the General to defeat the Whiskey Rebellion. Later he manoeuvred against France and was entrusted with the job of a commander of a new army that he trained for war. This war was fought hard and that too on the seas but was not declared officially. Later a diplomatic solution to the crisis was sought thereby avoiding the war in totality.

Hamilton’s childhood was spent in the West Indies. He was only 11 when he was orphaned. But he was talented and therefore he became the voice of the mass and for that reason he was sponsored by the people from his community to continue his academics. He was an exceptionally brilliant student who completed his school and college life with flying colours. After studies, he was appointed to the Congress of the Confederation from New York. However, his desire was to become a lawyer and therefore he practised law. Later he exhibited his interest in founding the Bank of New York.

Hamilton was not contented with the Articles of Confederation primarily because it lacked executive, judicial and taxing powers. He successfully led the Annapolis convention and thereby influencing the creation of a new constitution. He actively participated in the framing of the US constitution and till date his contributions to the interpretation of the constitution stays unchallenged.

 Interesting Facts about Alexander Hamilton

With the formation of new government under the presidency of George Washington, Hamilton was appointed the secretary of Treasury. He was greatly influenced by British political systems, yet he was a nationalist and he emphasized the need of strong central government. He argued that the constitutional powers can be used to fund national debt and as a result of this argument the government owned Bank of United States was created. Most of the government programs initially were funded by tariff on imports and also by excise tax on whiskey.

It was rumoured that Mr Hamilton was indulged in an extra marital affair and when he understood the situation he was very much embarrassed and this ultimately resulted in his resignation from office. However he continued to practice law in New York. He simultaneously took part in political affairs and was the key man to influence the cabinet of President Adams. Hamilton surfaced as the kingmaker by aiding Thomas Jefferson to defeat Burr and win the elections. Hamilton has failed to extend support to Adams and this eventually leads to loss of his popularity within the party. Burr became the vice president and aspired to become governor of New York State. But it was Hamilton who flaunted his influence to prevent Burr victory. Vexed at this Burr challenged Hamilton and this eventually led to the death of Hamilton.