10 Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson

A leader is one who not only dictate the task work but also ahead of him follower and shows them how to do work right. There have been a lot of great leaders in history. Moreover, the name Andrew Jackson is one of them. The seventh president of the United States, from 1829 to 1837, was known as Andrew Jackson. In addition to this, there is a boatload of interesting facts about Andrew Jackson like it is not clear that he was born in North Carolina or South Carolina. But, he was born accurately on 15 March in the year of 1767 in Waxhaw. Since, at that time the Waxhaw was very nearest to both North as well as South Carolina, then the birth place of the great leader or president is in confusion. Across the world, he is only president in the history that the territory of his birth is in the query. Apart from these interesting facts about Andrew Jackson, he was the first president who born in a log cabin. While, many other presidents who were born in log cabin include Abraham Lincoln, Millard Fillmore, Zachary Taylor, and James Buchanan, but they were born after taking birth Jackson. The United States became the nation in the year of 1776 on Fourth of July. Then, we can say that Jackson was born to immigrant parents as well as before becoming of the United States a nation. The interesting facts about Andrew Jackson should also be perceived as he was joined army for fighting in the revolutionary war at the age of 13. Furthermore, Jackson assisted not only in the revolutionary was but also in the war of 1812. When, he was only 14 year old his mother died.

Interesting Facts about Andrew Jackson & Good Deeds of Andrew Jackson

In addition to this, Jackson was also involved many other duels. Andrew Jackson was wounded in a duel against Charles Dickinson in 1806. Jackson was wounded by a bullet, which was stuck on his chest (near his heart) and after many treatments it could not be took away from his chest. Moreover, the bullet was clutched in his chest for lifetime. One of the interesting facts about Andrew Jackson, he had a cabinet appointment which was rejected by the Senate. The secretary of the Treasury namely Roger Taney was recommended by the first president. The interesting facts about Andrew Jackson have a boatload of strange and mind-blowing things that include

  • The credit of first generation American of becoming president goes to Andrew Jackson.
  • The credit of the last president who served in the Revolutionary war was also goes to Andrew Jackson.
  • Jackson was six feet tall.
  • Jackson was also a Presbyterian.
  • If you are like to eat pancakes then interesting facts about Andrew Jackson are relate with you as he enjoyed eating pancakes.
  • The president of new America was a lawyer by trade.
  • In 1833, the first president who traverses on a railroad train was Jackson. In addition to this, John Quincy also occupied the seat in the same train but when he was not president.
  • The slogan “let the people rule” was oriented by Jackson.
  • He carried two bullets for many of years in his body until death.
  • One of the first campaign tours which was prepared by Andrew in 1828.
  • Jackson was very kind toward kids as he adopted and nurtured no less than 11 children.
  • Jackson was first and last president who pay off national debt, in the year of 1835.
  • “Heaven will be no heaven to me if I do not meet my life there”. It is one of the most outstanding quotations of Andrew Jackson and which he made during the first campaign tour in 1828.

Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson

The name of Andrew Jackson tops the list of assassinated presidents. In addition to this, he died on 8 June 1845 when he was 78 year old. He is the person in the history who enjoys the privileged for a city, to be named after him (Jackson Mississippi). Here the interesting facts about Andrew Jackson are close. So, you can share it with your friends in order to aware about it. Apart from this, you should also learn a lesson from whole life of Andrew Jackson.