10 Interesting Facts about Anne Franck

A person who became famous after her death was known as Anne Franck. She was born in Germany on 12 June 1929 and died in only 15 year old. Her father (Otto Franck) and mother (Edith Franck) were a businessman as well as a housewife respectively. Anne Franck had also one elder sister, Margot. In addition to this, a number of interesting facts about Anne Franck also are considered. She was a brave and sociable child. Her life was more hitch than her elder sister who was very quiet and solemn. Anne was like her father rather than her mother since her father liked to play the game and tell girls stories with her. While her elder sister (Margot) like her introverted mother than her father. Therefore, Anne had also many friends. One of the most interesting facts about Anne Franck, she and her family were followers of Judaism and also followed the Jewish custom as well as holiday.

Anne wanted to become a writer and liked to read, daily most of the time she read books. Here, you will find some surprising and interesting facts about Anne Franck. In the year of 1933, Adolf Hitler (belonging to Nazi political party) became the leader of Germany and he did not like Jewish people. He blamed to Jewish people for many of Germany’s problems and also beloved that killing them was the only solution of these problems. Since, many Jewish people were going away from Germany. In the meantime, Otto Franck decided his family should also leave Germany. In the year of 1934, Anne and her family shifted to one of the cities of the Netherlands namely Amsterdam.

Interesting Facts about Anne Franck & Good Deeds of  Anne Franck

Even then, Anne was only four years old. In the near future, Anne went to a new school in the city of Amsterdam. Here, one more interesting facts about Anne Franck and her life, she was learning as well as speaking the Dutch language in a few days and had also made new friends. In addition to this, Anne and her family felt comfort as well as safe once again in a new country. After some years in 1939, Germany or Adolf Hitler invaded Poland as well as it is also known as the beginning of Second World War that left an unforgettable impression on the pages of history. Germany had already conquered Czechoslovakia and Austria.

Now, they would attack the Netherlands, as well. Otto eventually came to know in this regard and planned to move again, but finally decided to stay in the same, Netherlands. Lastly, in 1940 on 10 May, Germany attacked the Netherlands. The interesting facts about Anne Franck, they did not have time to leave the country. Jews had to register with the Germans in order to they were not permitted to own businesses, have the job, go to cinema and even go to park as well as sitting on the benches at there. Anne’s father entrusted with his business to some friends who are non Jewish. In the meantime of all these, Otto attempted to go normal. So, at the thirteenth birthday of Anne, the Franck family enjoyed her birthday and she got a boatload of presents. In addition to this, she also had received a red journal, which was very significant for Anne as well as is also more important for us as Anne wrote her stories on this.

Interesting Facts about Anne Franck

Moreover, tyranny of Hitler in Netherlands continued to increase. The Franck family decided to hiding, place that was prepared by Otto at his place of work. They were kept almost all essential things in order to clothe, food and many other things and stored at attic. The red journal, which was gifted on her thirteenth birthday Anne, named that “Kitty.” The interesting facts about Anne Franck and Kitty, she started each entry on Kitty with “Dear Kitty.” She wrote all about like her feelings, the people around her, and books she read. Apart from this, the Germans had very strictly caught and killed Jewish people, but Anne’s family did not be caught. Finally, after two years of hiding they were soon free as the Second World War was ended. Eventually, they were exempt of hiding on 4 August 1944. In the near future, interesting facts about Anne Franck in order to her death, Anne and her elder sister Margot died of disease Typhus on March 1945.