Interesting Facts about Australia- You Must Know these

World’s Sixth largest country Australia is the smallest continent of the world, which encompasses more than 20 million of the population in it. More than 40 percent population is immigrants or children of them and 25 percent were born overseas. Australia’s main population lives in the South East and east. 70-71 percent of the population live near coast. Canberra that is also recognized as Australian Capital Territory is the capital of Australia. Australia is the member of British Commonwealth there for it is also renowned as Commonwealth of Australia. Some common geographical Interesting facts about Australia are as the total area of Australia is 7,682,300 sq. km. Most of Australia is arid land of desert. Here commonly spoken language is English and currency is Australian dollar. With world’s fifth highest per capita income and 12th largest economy, Australia is well-known as a developed country. Australia is having the finest education and health system, economic freedom, political rights, as well as national performance.  Australia is a member of World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nation, Pacific Island Forum and Asia Pacific Economic Corporation, etc. Besides these incredible abilities, there are several Interesting facts about Australia. After the visit of James Cook to Australia, the country was continent of British Empire. Australia took part in both World War 1 and 2. After world war-2, rate of immigration drastically augmented within Australia.

Many Interesting facts about Australia are related with its weather. Seasons of Australia are completely reverse of Europeans and similar of Latin America. Best climate season in Australia remains between spring and autumn. Summer session remains from December to February were as autumn months are March to May. Besides these, wintertime remains June to August as well as spring from September to November. Australian people like relaxing and joyful life with beach and surfing usually.  Australia is having combination of multiple cultures and lifestyle. Since many time different natives from different sides of the world have migrated to Australia so that it has become a multicultural country. After this basic knowledge about Australia, you also must be aware of following fascinating and Interesting facts about Australia:

  • Australia is recognized as the country of Kangaroos. Here more than 40 millions of kangaroos are found that is almost double of Australia’s total population.
  • Every part of Australia is within thousand kilometers from ocean or beach.
  • Australia is probably the world’s lowest population country encompassing only 2 people per square kilometers.
  • Among all most Interesting fact about Australia Australia Day that is a day celebrated in Australia for diversity and lenience in Australian society, embracing every part of ethnic backgrounds and dissimilarities of racial.
  • Australia is having longest fence in the world.
  • Australia has third largest ocean territory of the world, spanning three ocean in it within 12 million square kilometers.
  • Australia is eminent for its wool quality because here more than 140 million of sheep are found that is largest no in the world.
  • 140 kilometers long road that is world’s longest straight road is situated in Australia.
  • Constitution of the commonwealth of Australia was established in 1901.
  • Due to everlasting argument about selection of capital between Sydney and Melbourne, finally Canberra was chosen as the capital of Australia.
  • Besides Athens and Greece, the largest Greek population of the world is founded in Melbourne Victoria.
  • National flora emblem was adopted as wattle in 1912.
  • Vegetation covers approximately 7 million square kilometers which are 91 percent of Australia.
  • 850 miles long world’s longest golf course is placed in Australia.
  • Snow covers a larger area than Switzerland in winter season, in Australia.
  • One of most Interesting facts about Australia is that here is not even single active volcano. Australia is the only country of the world without any active volcano.
  • First female member of parliament  Australia was Edith Cowanof. In year 1921, Edith Cowan was elected to Western Australia Legislative Assembly.
  • Neville Bonner was the first Aboriginal senator of Australia. He became the Aboriginal senator in 1971.
  • Mt Kosciuszko is the highest mountain on mainland in Australia. It is having 2228m of height that is approximately 7310ft.
  • World’s largest of species of reptile are found in Australia. More than 750 different species of reptiles are found here.
  • Instead, above all Interesting facts about Australia, one must also aware of some largest cities of Australia those are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, as well.
  • Australia was the second country offered women the right to vote. New Zealand was first who granted this right.