10 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

Barak Obama was born on 4th august 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Meaning of Barak is blessed. He is the 44th president of United States. He is very famous all around the world. His whole day activities are also watched by the people, they like him very much. Obama stated in one of his convention that “There is not a liberal America and a conservative America but there is the United States of America”. Obama’s speeches are always appreciated by the people he speak the words which touch the hearts of the listeners. Wife of Barak Obama is Michelle La Vaughn Robinson; he married her on 3rd October 1992 at the Trinity United Church. Barack Obama is the father of two children they are Natasha and Malia Ann Obama.

Obama likes the sports like basketball. He is a good player of basketball and his tallness supports him to play well. One of the interesting facts about Barack Obama is that he took his wife to see the movie “Do The Right Thing.” at his first date. Barack Obama has the boxing gloves of Muhammad Ali the great player of boxing.  Another interesting fact about Barack Obama is that he is the first president to have blackberry. Barack Obama has learnt Spanish. He was served as president in 2009 and still he is handling the seat. Vice president of United States is Joseph Biden. Barack Obama belongs to the Democrat party. He was of 47 years when he was made a president. Barack Obama is well known for being the first African American President of United States. The childhood of Barack Obama was spent in the state of Hawaii and Jakarta which is the city located in Indonesia. His mother’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham; she was from Kansas and his father whose name is Barack Obama was from Kenya, Africa. But his parents took divorce and his step father was from Indonesia where they shifted after the divorce of his parents. Barack Obama has completed his education from Columbia University in New York in 1983. He had also studied law in Harvard Law School. In 1996 he decided to enter the world of politics. He had participated in Illinois State Senate and achieved success. He served on that post till 2004 than he was elected to the United States Senate. After working on the same position for three years he entered 2008 presidential elections. Then he became president and now also he is doing his job as a president of United States.

Unknown & Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

You must know some interesting facts about Barack Obama. He is an attractive personality. He likes sports and his favorite teams are the Chicago bears for football and the Chicago White Sox for baseball. Obama is also a book writer; he made $5.5 million through writing in the year 2009. He is also knows Indonesian language as well as Spanish. There are some more interesting facts about Barack Obama like he achieved Grammy Award in 2006 for the audio book “Dream From My Father”.  Barack had worked at a Baskin- Robbins at his teen age after that time he does not like ice cream. He is a big fan of harry potter books ha had read all the harry potter book that is an interesting fact about Barack Obama. In Indonesia he learnt to eat some interesting items like grasshoppers and snakes, he likes it.

Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

Barack Obama loves to play scrabble in his free time. He got the name “O’Bomber” in his high school for his talent at basketball. Barack Obama’s favorite books are Moby Dick and The Bible. Some more interesting facts about Barack Obama are here, his wife was his supervisor at Chicago law firm before being together as a couple. Barack Obama has a house in Chicago which worth $1.65 million, it consist of four fire places. Obama’s like chilli a lot but he dislikes mayonnaise. Obama used to be a smoker but now he quit his habit and started chewing nicotine gum for avoiding it. He like the musicians “Bob Dylan”, Stevie Wonder” and “The Fugees”. Obama has the luxury cars sport sedan and Chrysler 300C which he drive most of the time.