Interesting Facts About Bible – Must to know

Bible is the source of Christian faith. Bible was written some 1400 years  by different authors. It is a compilation of 66 separate books having two primary divisions namely the Old Testament and the New Testament each containing 39 books and 27 books respectively. The bible was written under the inspiration the Holy Spirit.

Some of the interesting facts about the Bible is detailed below:

It is believed that the first five books were written by Moses known as Torah when the children of Israel were wandering without having any food to eat or house for shelter.

In the 12 testaments it reveals the history of people of Israel under Joshua’s  leadership.

In the Old Testament you can find the book of Job, the Psalms and the songs of Solomon in a poetic manner.  Scholars are unable to predict  when Job was written, because of the customs and manners mentioned in the text, people believe that the book must have been written during the period of Patriarchs of the faith.

Many psalms were written by King David the during his rule over Israel.

Solomon was the son of King David who was popular for his proverbial writings.

The Old Testament was closed after the writing of the Book Malachi.

In Bible you can find by name two angels one Gabriel and the other Michael, but in the catholic Bible even the name of Raphael is also mentioned. Gabriel is considered the Archangel of Dreams.

Although name, but many of do not identify it the Christians believe that Gabriel announced the birth of Christ to the shepherds. On the other hand, Herods soldiers were searching out for Jesus.

In 98 C.E they found a strange letter containing  “ The commandments of Jesus Christ”.   It was believed that the letter was written by Gabriel and became a relic of the early church.

Most of the Old Testament was written in a Hebrew Language the one spoken by the Israelites and the New Testament was written in Greek.

Originally, there were no chapters or verses in the Bible but now are a cool Bible fact.

Bible is now available in more than 1100 languages and dialects.

In the beginning, the Bible could only be read by the clergy.

New Testament authors appealed to their audiences as they were much conversant  about the Person of Jesus Christ.

The two Testaments fully depended on one another.  Though the two Testaments form two volumes of single work, the first Testament remains incomplete without the second Testament. They are two volumes of single work. The first Testament remains incomplete without the second and the second Testament is not understood without the first Testament.

Both the Old and New Testaments have the same theme as that of the Bible.

Important fact is Christ accepted the Old Testament as the Word of God. The critics as well as the people who have doubts have challenged this statement.

Interesting Facts About Bible

The apostles of Jesus preached their teachings on the truthfulness of Old Testaments.

The total number of chapters in the Bible is about 1189 that is from Old Testament 929 chapters and from New Testament 260. The word of Lord appears in the Bible 7763 times.

All the glory and honor is given to the Heavenly Father Jesus Christ in the Bible only in the New Testament.

Bible is the book of Salvation and Jesus is the only savior in Heaven among the human beings.

The name of only domestic animal cat is not mentioned in the Bible.

At a stretch Bible can be read aloud in 70 hours.

Bible devotes 500 verses on prayer, less than 500 verses on faith and over 2000 verses on money and possessions.

There are 49 different foods mentioned in Bible and the two nuts namely almond and pistachios.

The names of the two robbers who were crucified next to Jesus were named Dismus and Gestas.

Bible states that Solomon had 700 hundred wives, 300 concubines and 12000 horses.

When Noah built the ark he was 600 years young  and 950 years old when he died.

Moses had a veil over his face when he was presented the Ten Commandments by the Almighty, because his face glowed.

The shortest book in the Bible having only two verses is Psalm 117.