10 Interesting Facts About Bill Cosby

The people who love to watch his show might also want to know some interesting facts about Bill Cosby. He used to host one of the most watched shows in America. He has an exceptional ability to make people laugh successfully. Therefore, if you are a little upset, you must watch some of the old shows of Bill Cosby. Even today, he is counted among some of the most prominent figures in the United States (US). Explore some astonishing and interesting facts about Bill Cosby in the coming lines. Since he is much popular, most of the people would take a keen interest in knowing about his early life. Bill Cosby was born in the year 1937 in Philadelphia. His popularity began to get a pace when he did a super hit TV series by the name of the Bill Cosby Show.

God gifted him and his wife (Camille) with five children. The name of each kid begins with letter E as it is supposed to signify excellence. Few people know that Cosby was both a good actor as well as an excellent musician at the same time. While playing jazz, the passion of Cosby could be seen thoroughly. It is this passion, which made him win an Honorary Doctorate of Music from the Berkeley College of Music. In the year 1969, his song tilted as “Little Old Man” was on top 40 list. Other interesting facts about Bill Cosby include that his comedy shows were awarded Grammy award. Apart from this, prior to the popularity, Cosby would work as a bartender. He utilized this opportunity to the maximum in order to be a great comedian. He learnt and developed his act while being exposed to and treating with different people. He was also observing his everyday life with his family members at the same time.

Interesting Facts About Bill Cosby

His TV career began in the year 1966 with “Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater” though he became famous with “the Cosby Show.” There is an excellent array of astonishing and interesting facts about Bill Cosby, which can mesmerize anyone. He was the first African American actor who has the privilege to be awarded Emmy Award.

Surprisingly, this award was not given for the popular Cosby Show but for another show “I Spy.” This show paved the way for Bill to win 3 awards in a row regularly for 3 years. The respective year was 1966, 1967, and 1968. In addition to this, Ennis Cosby (one of his sons) was killed in the year 1997 at the age of 27. He was murdered in San Diego Freeway. Lights Out was the favorite show of Cosby, as he loved to listen to the radio. He obediently followed the instructions given by radio person. For example, when he heard a voice coming out of the radio “turn the lights off while listening to the program”, he immediately switched the lights off. There is a boatload of interesting facts about Bill Cosby as he used to teach kids about how to make teacher prevent from punishing them. Besides, he also helped in composing the theme song of the Cosby Show.

He urged that the show should be filmed in New York instead of Hollywood because he did not like Hollywood. There are so many astounding and interesting facts about Bill Cosby that one can hardly grasp them all in one time. However, if you want to learn more about this prominent personality (after knowing above facts), then you can take help of internet or read a book written on his life and works. For the purpose of ease, some of the most interesting facts about Bill Cosby are given in the following lines shortly.

  • He became famous through a show by the name of “the Bill Cosby Show”
  • The name of all his children begin with letter E (denoting excellence)
  • Aside from being a good actor, he was a wonderful musician as well
  • He also worked as a bartender before doing the show
  • He received Emmy as well as Grammy awards
  • One of his sons was murdered in the year 1997
  • His favorite radio show is “Lights Off”
  • He also taught kids
  • Another popular show of Cosby is “I Spy”