Interesting Facts about Biology- Mazing World of Living Organisms

The word of living organisms is the most fascinating part of the planet Earth. Life is what separates it from all the billion other planets. Life is what makes our solar system unique. The only known intelligent form of life is present in our solar system. Life is the most special gift of god to the universe. Thus, the understanding and knowledge of life is what would give us a better understanding of our planet and help us sustain in the coming days. The science of life is what can help us avoid the Armageddon as we all fear is soon to come. That science of life as we know is called the Biology.

Biology is the full of interesting facts and amazing surprises which we still try to discover and understand. The simple secret of life is the biggest mystery which the world of biology is life. We do not know yet for sure how life originated on this planet. Why only this planet? Why not anywhere else? What was the cause of the growth of organic form of life? Is there some other form of life? Is there another different living form? We do not know the answers of all of them for sure. We create movies, sci-fi novels and many more imaginations searching for that oblivious secret. Well! That is not the only amazing fact about biology. There are many more known facts about which we have research and worked up on a lot; but still they will always amaze us every time we read them. Here is a collection of some of them.

COFFEE LOVER: For all of us who cannot stay without their cup of morning coffee, here is something amazing for you. Under the present condition of fossil fuels and other energy sources depleting at too high rates, the making of a cup of coffee would no more be possible. You wish to yell loud when you do not get your coffee? Nice!! You have to yell for 103 months and 6 days continuously to be able to supply enough sound energy to a cup of water to boil is with enough sound energy and make a cup of coffee. Good luck with that!

FART BOMB: It may sound cheaply funny, but if you attempt to make a natural atomic bomb what would you do? Well, you have to just fart continuously for 81 months to make it happen. How cool it that?

WEIGHT LOSS: The best possible weight loss plan is not yet disclosed to the diet crazy people! The best way to reduce your weight is to bang your head against the wall! More than any other physical activity, banging head against the wall makes you lose 150 calories per hour. This is the highest rate of calorie loss known as of now.

SPIDER FEAR: The people who are afraid of spiders and run to the bathroom to clean themselves once a spiders runs across them do not know that the spider is more cautious and does not really wish to touch you ever!! Once if a spider touches you by mistake it would go back straight to its home and even check itself for germs. Looks like they are more hygienic than us!

SUPER HUMAN: The creature which fits the description of super human best is the one which we do not even observe carefully unless they eat away all our sugar and sweets in numerous groups. Yes! We are talking about the ants. They are truly super human with the capability to lift 50 times more weight than their own weight and pull 30 times the more weight than their tiny body. Try telling to do the same to a human being and you will know what super human is for real!

BRAINLESS: All our troubles start with thinking. All our headaches are caused as we have brains inside our head. Just imagine how peaceful and happy life would be if there were no brains! Well! The start fishes really enjoy that pleasure as they do not have any brains.

APPENDIX: Once we declared that our appendix is useless to us! But recently scientists have found out that the appendix is helpful for the living of bacteria which helps us in the process of digestion. This bacterium grows only in the appendix and prevents the abnormal activities of our gut.

There are many more surprising and amazing facts in the world of biology which will always keep shocking you. So search and enjoy!!