Interesting Facts About China – A Flowery Kingdom

Across the world, one among every five people is Chinese. As the population of great China is equal to 1.35 billion (135 Crore), that is four times of the population of US. China (officially People’s Republic of China) is the country of Asia continent. The second largest country of the world covering almost 9.6 million square km land area namely China is located in East Asia. There are some interesting facts about China in order historical impact, the first emperor Qin Shi Huang (also the first one of the Qin dynasty emperors) beginner of royal period (at 221 B.C.), which stop at 1912 A.D. Qin is pronounced as chin then the word China most probable came from it. China is also considered as a sovereign state and the capital is Beijing, the first PRC. The country has also the world’s continuous language namely Chinese, it can be also considered as interesting facts about China. The most significant political party of the great China which is in power known as the Communist party of China (CPC) having more than 66 million members while eight other political parties are also present. The country, China has a significant cultural and historical background. China is the origin of Kung Fu (first name Wushu), also known as Eastern martial arts. The purpose of starting of Martial art was not only as an art but also warfare and endurance. There is a myriad of interesting facts about China, as it has the most popular and reputed Spa Monastery as well as Wudang Mountains. Apart from this, China is also home of some prominent artists such as Wong Fei Hung (Hwang Fei Hung or Huang Fei Hung) and many others. The cultural activity of the vast country also includes painting, controversial and legendary moves like Big Makare.

Festivals may be considered as the soul of any nation. Therefore, China has also a huge collection of traditional festivals including Mid-autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, and so on. The Chinese New Year is deemed as interesting facts about China, as it is celebrated like most immense festival, and official holiday is to be given in this regard. China has also significant stand of the religious aspect. The Chinese people believe to worship their sovereign deity Shang Di during the Xia and Shang dynasties. While the Zhou dynasty worships as the broader concept of heaven. These things make interesting facts about China in order religious as well as the spiritual life exists. In addition to this, Chinese cuisine has a great number of imperial kitchen staff and concubines for food preparation process. These also include as a remedy chiefly practiced by dynastic period even as emperors banquets with 100 dishes per meal. The everyday-citizen culture has as a part many dishes. These ancient recipes are using in many highest quality restaurants (including Fangshan restaurant) for the most part of the dynastic period’s recipes.

Interesting Facts about China

The interesting facts about China also have some supreme points such as

  • The inventions of China are gunpowder, paper, toilet paper, the compass, printing, and crossbow.
  • The Flowery Kingdom is also used as a synonym for China.
  • Between A.D 1088 and 1092, the first mechanical clock was built by Su Song (name of a Chinese civil servant).
  • About 3,000 years ago, the Chinese also invented kites (Aeolian harps or paper birds).
  • China also invented most yummy recipes as ice cream, and Marco Polo.
  • One of the popular amusements in China is Cricket fighting.
  • In China, the Ping-pong is known as one of the most popular games, while It was created in Britain and known as table tennis.
  • Stamp Collecting is the number one hobby of Chinese people.
  • The first spacewalk of a Chinese astronaut (Zhai Zhigang) took place On September 27, 2008.
  • Across the world, the first country, which used an iron plow was China.
  • Over the centuries, the capital of China was renamed many times as Yanjing, Dadu, and Beiping.
  • Yellow (Huanghe) River and Yangtze (Changjian) River are the longest rivers of China, which are 2,903-mile as well as 3,494-mile long respectively.
  • The interesting facts about China, globally famous Chinese-American and Chinese actors include Bruce Lee (San Francisco), Jackie Chan (Hong Kong), Zhang Ziyi (Beijing), Chow Yun Fat (Hong Kong), Jet Li (Beijing), and Lucy Lui (New York).