Interesting Facts about Heart

Heart is the most important organ of our body. If we wonder our body as a machine than hear acts like engine of the machine that continuously works without interrupt. Heart is considered as the central part of the human body because; every moment and reactions running under the body directly or indirectly depend on functioning of the heart. Main task of the heart is to pumping the blood over all body parts continuously via blood vessel to caring nutrients, oxygen and other necessary elements. Heart is not just and organ of the body like other, but its functioning is wider than you think. This small part contains uncountable functions and there is a long list of Interesting Facts about Heart. Heart located in your chest and well sheltered by rib cage, can be sensed easily by just keeping hand on the chest but, did you ever try to know, how does it works? Today you will know some most amazing and Interesting Facts about Hearts. The Cardiology is the study of the human heart and numerous disorders that originate in heat. Heart is made of four chambers those are the left atrium, Right atrium, Left ventricle, Right ventricle.

Heart is made up of main three layers as follow:

Pericardium:  The very thin outer layer protects the sack.

Myocardium: It is composed of the thick muscular walls.

Endocardium: It is the most important and nearest layer, that makes the inner lining with the heart.

Let us know Interesting facts the Pumping and most Important Organ as Heart.

Interesting Facts about Heart

Before starting the journey of Interesting Facts about Heart, let us know some basic information. Heart consists of four valves namely tricuspid valve, pulmonary valve, Mitral valve as well as aortic valve. These valves work as the door whose function is to make sure blood travels in one direction only. It opens when letting blood travel otherwise remains close. Blood travelling toward heart is carried through veins whereas travelling toward atrium from lungs is carried through pulmonary veins. When the blood approaching the right atrium is carried by superior vena cava and inferior cava.

There are numerous surprising and Interesting Facts about Heart given bellow:

We all have seen ECG machine and have a broad understanding about that but why is it named so? The answer is hidden in its working or functionality. This machine can be used to measure the electricity going through the heart of anybody. This provides imperative data that is used by doctor to determine whether the patient is having normal heart rhythm or not. Improper heart rhythm may become a cause of heart attack.

A normal man’s heart beats around 70 to 72 time in a minute and over 100,000 times in a day. That is mean; our heart beats 35 million times in one year. As per a wide calculation, in the duration of average lifetime of a human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times.

In an average lime, a heart can pump enough blood to fill 100 swimming pools. One of the very Interesting Facts about Heart is concealed in its immense capacity. Every day a healthy heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles or 32 kilometers.

As a general perception, heat is considered as a symbol of romance or love and an imaginary shape is in trained called “Heart shape” strikes on the mind whenever heart name is taken in front of us. However, you will be amazed by knowing the Interesting Facts About Heart, that is, a human heart is not heart shaped. A cow’s heart is more “heart-shaped.”

In ancient time, Aristotle believed that the heart is used to keep our body hot.

A mature man heart’s weight is approximately ten to 12 oz where as weight of an average woman ranges from 8 oz to ten oz.

Many heart experts suppose that laughter is the best medicine in the direction to keep your heart healthy and strong. Some scientists have proved it too. A good belly laugh can circulate 20 percent more blood than normal condition to the entire body. Laughter is considered as the best antidote to stress and tension.

When a person watches any funny movie at that instance, his blood flow will increase.

You would have changed you vantage point after knowing these interesting things about the pumping organ. It is the time to share this knowledge with your friends.