Interesting Facts About Mars (Closest Relative of Earth)

If life is ever possible or had been possible in any other place than earth, it would be mars!! This popular belief has haunted human civilization since ages and when time came, a blind ended research including billions of dollars was started t find life on mars. Such is our craze about this neighbor that we have formed urban legends about the end of civilizations in mars which would soon be same on earth. We have written loads of sci-fi novels and short stories to capture our imaginations about the red planet. So let us see why this craze got up!! How this craze continues and to what extent it drives us mad!!

Here we present you with a collection of some of the amazing and crazy interesting facts about mars which will drive you crazy and give you a new outlook about this planet of the solar system.


We start with the basic information regarding the planet which is enough to raise your curiosity about Mars. The fourth planet in the solar system after mercury, Venus, Earth- the mars orbits the sun beside us- at an average distance of around 141 million miles or approximately 1.5 AU. Surprisingly it takes only 686.93 times one Earth day or to be exact 1.8807 times the Earth year to complete its single revolution around the sun. it is the seventh largest planet in the solar system, which means it is not big enough in size and it mainly made up of rock. Yes!! You heard it right, it is made of rock which is very similar in composition to the earth’s rock at many places.


It is not just average planet due to its size or distance from Sun. The largest volcano in the whole solar system is surprisingly located in the mars. It is named as Olympus Mons. Also talking of the largest, the biggest gorge on any planet in the solar system was made on mars when a large volcanic eruption tore the land apart to make a huge valley. It is named as Valles Marineris. Also the planet mars is believed to be a ‘dead planet’ for long. The fact is supported by the largest number of meteorite craters that are counted on any planet. This show that meteorite attacks have been decisive in ending of life forms or at least we can safely take it as such.


Although mars has season changes like the earth and also has polar ice caps which can be shocking for any human being. But the rock, the ice, the season still cannot ensure life on the planet- owing to the extreme conditions that rule the planet. The planet is really a very harsh place for any living organism to live, with the shocking temperature extremes ranging between -225 and +60 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average of -67 degrees yearly. The atmosphere is more extreme as we know that Mars has a very thin atmosphere which is made up mostly of a major amount of carbon dioxide (95.3%) plus the rest of the atmosphere is mainly- nitrogen (2.7%) added with small amount of argon (1.6%) and little traces of oxygen (0.15%) and very minute presence of water (0.03%) too. Also, the present of water that has been found to exist in its pristine liquid form on the mars is a shocking incident in itself.


Mars as many of us may not know, has satellites or moons too. The first satellite is the Phobos which is at a distance of 9000 km from the planet and has a radius of just 11 km and a very small mass of 1.08e16 kg. It was first discovered by a great American astronomer named Asaph Hall, Sr., in the year of 1877, working at the prestigious US Naval Observatory in the city of Washington, DC. The second satellite of mars is the Deimos which is at a distance of 23 kilometer and a even smaller radius of mere 6 km and a mass 1.80e15 kg. It was also discovered by Asaph Hall, Sr., in the year of 1877, at the same US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC.

As we can see the planet has so many unique things to know and be amazed about. These facts are not everything that can surprise you about mars but surely they are the craziest ones.