Interesting Facts About Martin Luther King Junior- The Man With A Dream

You must have listened about Martin Luther King Junior, the great personality of modern history. He was an American pastor, humanitarian, leader, and activist at the same time. He is chiefly known for the role he played in the advancement of civil rights. He used nonviolence policy that was derived from his Christian beliefs. Michael king (his birth name) is popular for many reas ons especially for the upliftment of the black people. Most of us read about his works and reforms in school time as a part of our syllabus. However, there are some interesting facts about martin luther king junior, which many of us may not know. This article aims at throwing light over some secret and hidden aspects of martin’s life. When Martin was born, he was named after his father Michael King Sr. but the father afterwards changed both the names (his and his son’s) to Martin Luther King Senior as well as Martin Luther King Junior respectively. At the time of this change, martin was hardly 5 years of age. When he was enrolled in Crozer Theological Seminary (in Pennsylvania in the year 1948), he was among the only eleven African-American students. He enjoyed the privilege to be the class president when he was studying in the third year. You can discover many interesting facts about martin luther king junior, which imbue different colors in his life. Time magazine (one of the leading magazine of the world) entitled martin as Man of the year in 1963. He was the first African-American to be given such an honor.

Furthermore, when he was only 35 years of age, Martin was honored with the noble prize. Apart from this, he was the youngest man who was awarded such nobility. Afterwards, he donated the prize money ($ 54, 123) for the sake of civil rights movement. During about 11 years (from 1957 to 1968), Martin gave lectures at more than 2,500 occasions and traveled over 6 million miles. Other interesting facts about martin luther king junior include his apprehension of 30 times. Besides this, different universities as well as colleges awarded him no less than 50 honorary degrees. His reforms and thoughts are relevant to modern scenario too. Because of this reason, over 900 streets of the U.S. are dedicated to his remembrance and the number is yet growing. The most significant point to consider and one of the most interesting facts about martin luther king junior are that he dedicated himself for a mission, and his life became a symbol of sacrifice. The people who care about the evils of society and want to do something for the betterment can find some good examples in the striving life of martin.

In addition to this, he was never a president but people rejoice at a national holiday in his name. Furthermore, he reserves the privilege to be the only non-president whose memorial can be seen on the National Mall of Washington, D.C. these interesting facts about martin luther king junior may seem fascinating, but it is not the end. King’s life offers an excellent plethora of exciting facts, which you have just gone through in above lines and are going to witness in the following ones. It is though an admitted fact that martin was a great public speaker, yet he once got a C in seminary school during his public speaking course. Among the most surprising as well as interesting facts about martin luther king junior is that he was deeply moved by Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolence. When he was in Crozer Seminary, he attended a lecture concerning Mahatma Gandhi and wa s strongly influenced by his theory. His world famous quotation is “I have a dream” which he practiced throughout his life. He gave all his possessions in order to make his dream a living reality. He was not mere a dreamer (a daydreamer) instead he was among those who are called “dreamers who do.” This is one among the interesting facts about martin luther king junior that he was tirelessly struggling for his dream and eventually gave his life for it. King’s life is a saga of continuous endeavor with sincerity. He never compromised with his dream and became immortal in the history.