Interesting Facts About Maths

Mathematics is a branch of study that fascinates many people. However, some find it killing as well as boring as the math problems seem to be very hard to them. In day to life, mathematics plays a key role. For instance, you can not even buy vegetables if you have no knowledge of numbers, addition or multiplication. Therefore, mathematics has been a cause of attraction since time immemorial. If you are interested in this subject, then here are some surprising and interesting facts about maths.

Even if you find mathematics to be a bit harder, you must go through this article as it may change your mind. From the very beginning of schooling, every student is taught how to add and multiply the numbers. As time passes, new objects are added in this subject such as geometry, calculus, trigonometry, fractions and many others. There are numerous intriguing as well as interesting facts about maths that deserve your attention. The very word “mathematics” is derived from a Greek word “mathema” that connotes “knowledge, science, or learning”.

Furthermore, “mathematikos” in Greek means “fond of learning.” Fraction is an integral part of maths. It comes from a Latin word “fracto” which stands for “to break.” Geometry is a combination of two ancient Greek words. First is geo which means earth and the second is mertia which implies measures. Thus, it can be concluded that Geometry is a branch of mathematics in which measures of earth are studied. Other interesting facts about maths include its property to involve a vast field of knowledge and learning. The range of mathematics expends from numbers to critical problems of calculus and trigonometry.

Interesting Facts about Maths

Algebra (another branch of maths) is derived from an Arabic word “al-jabr” which literary stands for restoration. The inventor of Algebra was an Arab and therefore, this branch of maths has an Arab origin. There is an excellent plethora of fascinating as well as interesting facts about maths, which are unbelievable. Interestingly, if you multiply 111, 111, 111 with another 111, 111, 111, then you will get 12, 345, 678, 987, 654, 321. Apart from this, circle has the shortest perimeter among all shapes with the same area. In order to look its best, every object needs to be placed at an adequate distance (that varies from object to object).

After reading the above description, if you think that the interesting facts about maths are beyond imagination, then you are right. However, mathematics has a lot to offer you. It was only a glimpse, which you observed in the above lines. The whole story is coming in the following lines. So go ahead, and find some of the things you never knew before about maths. The World Maths Day is celebrated each year and in the year 2010, it has been recorded that over 1.13 million students from more than 235 different countries of the world answered accurately to around 479,732, 613 mathematical questions. Americans are ahead of us in calling mathematics as “maths.” They further argue that the functions of mathematics are singular thereby the name of this branch should also be singular.

Aside from this, in English language, there is only one number that is spelled or written in alphabetical order. That word happens to be ‘forty.’ Shakespeare, the great play writer, includes the word ‘mathematics’ in his “The Taming Of The Shrew.” It is the only work of Shakespeare, which contains this word. There are so many and widespread interesting facts about mathematics that one can hardly grasp them all in one time. The word hundred comes from an ancient word “hundredth.” Surprisingly this hundrath stands for 120 instead of 100.

Besides these interesting facts about maths, it is quite mathematical to end up the article with the quotations of two great mathematicians. Albert Einstein (no need for introduction) says “pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” The veracity of this statement can be testified each time you solve a mathematical problem. Another mathematician, by the name of Bertrand Russell, describes maths as“Mathematics [is] the subject, in which we never know what we are talking about or whether what we are saying is true.” However, the statement may sound philosophical but carries weight.