Interesting Facts about Mouth


Mouth occupies a key place in the entire human body. A man without a mouth is unimaginable. It is interesting facts about Mouth, which allows you to smile, talk, frown, and even whistle. Furthermore, with the help of tongue and teeth, mouth lets us speak, and eat food.

Teeth in the mouth play their role in chewing up the foods we eat. Hence, the body becomes capable of swallowing and digesting it smoothly. There are different enzymes (chemicals) in the mouth that help in breaking down the food. It is the first step towards digesting food. Here are some of the most intriguing as well as interesting facts about mouth.

mouth facts

Interesting facts about mouth

Snoring Habit Facts

Surprisingly, you are going to read something in the coming lines of which most of the people are unaware. It means you are about to explore some unparalleled and unique information. Many people are addicted to snoring. Most of the time one does not know that he or she snores while resting or sleeping.

You should keep in mind that snoring is not a good habit as you take less oxygen by a nose when you snore. Moreover, if you happened to sleep with a man or woman who snores, you would never like to have that experience again in your life. It is both disgusting as well as unhealthy.

Zones in Mouth

Other than this, there are four different taste zones in your mouth. The sweet zone lies at the forefront of the tongue while the salt zone is found on the side of your tongue’s front. Similarly, the bitter zone is located on the opposite side of the ounce and the sour zone occupies the area of the tongue’s back. 

This is because of these different taste zones that one becomes able to taste diverse types of foods and come to know whether they are sweet, salty, bitter or sour. These interesting facts about mouth are indeed lesser-known. Besides this, if you use your right hand frequently, there are high chances that you will chew your food with the right side of your mouth.

interesting facts about mouth

Chewing of Food Items by Mouth

On the contrary, if you happen to be left-hander, then you are likely to chew your food on the right side of your mouth. Therefore, one of the most interesting facts about mouth is that chewing is dependent on hands. The digestion system is a lengthy process as it takes various seconds to complete and includes numerous parts of the body.

The transportation of foodstuff starts from the mouth and eventually reaches the stomach through the esophagus. There is a boatload of amusing and interesting facts about mouth, which are unimaginable. In addition to this, the roof of the mouth is made up of the soft as well as hard palates while the tongue creates the floor of the mouth.

Tongue-the Most Significant Part of Mouth and Strongest Muscle

This floor is a well-built foundation that involves taste organs as well. The tongue is the strongest muscle (in proportion to its size) in the entire human body. Consumption of calories through tongue is among the several interesting facts about mouth.

Whenever you lick a stamp through your tongue, you are consuming 1/10 of a calorie. Surprisingly, you cannot taste anything unless it is mixed with saliva. For instance, if you place a hard particle of salt on the roof of your tongue, it will not give any taste. A drop of saliva is required that makes the salt to dissolve and thus you can get the taste. These interesting facts about mouth are true for all foods.

Kissing-Important Aspect of Mouth

You have a unique tongue print and it is true for everyone in the world. All have a unique tongue print the same as a fingerprint. Other interesting facts about mouth include kissing. Some people say that kissing is beneficial for health.

It also preserves the strength of your teeth (though they are not directly involved while kissing). When two people kiss each other, the formation of saliva gets faster in the mouth. It can give you with the usual disposing plaque required for your teeth. In conclusion, mouth incorporates countless interesting facts to know by biology students.

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