Interesting Facts about Nails

Nails are a small part of hands and there are many interesting things related with them. Some of them are superstitious while others carry weight, as they are scientific. In fact, the superstitious things also contain some logic in them and thus grab the attention. There are many interesting facts about nails, which may seem unbelievable at first sight. However, facts remain facts. In case you never paid attention towards your nails, then it is the time when you should know some interesting as well as surprising things about them. This article will uncover some of the most outstanding as well as interesting facts about nails, which you might not have known earlier.

Nails require vitamin E in order to grow faster and this vitamin comes from the sun. Therefore, nails grow faster in summer rather than winter, as they are closer to the sun in summer seasons. Interestingly, female nails grow slower with compared to that of mail nails. The only exception is the pregnancy period when female nails grow swifter. Some people are left handed whereas some are right handed (on the basis of what hand they use most). The nails of most used hand grow faster than the other one. Growing of nails also depends upon the length of the fingers. If the finger is comparatively longer than the nail will grow faster. Could you imagine that there are so many interesting facts about nails while they are a tiny portion of the hand? During a sickness, the speed of nail growing also affected. As soon as you recover from illness, your nails start growing faster.

Interesting Facts About Nails

The factors that are responsible for affecting the growth of nails are age, nutrition, and hormone. If one faces nail problem, it may cause 10 percent of skin problems. Natural nails (not colored) can tell the body health. Apart from this, both hair and nails are made up of the protein keratin. Surprisingly, nails are made of dead cells that mean they do not need oxygen in order to breathe. Therefore, nails do not sweat, as well. There is an excellent assortment of interesting facts about nails, which can mesmerize anyone. In addition to this, nail takes about 100 days to grow 1 centimeter and 4 to 6 months in order to renew them completely. On the contrary, toenails take a longer time of 12 to 18 months. Toenails are two times thicker than fingernails. Moreover, the nail of the middle finger grows faster than that of other fingers. In this fast-paced life, no one has the time to think about these little subjects as nails. However, they function in your body without your being known how they work. The slowest nail in growing among fingers is the nail of thumb finger.

Some people think that the nail should not be cut after sun set because it is a bad luck. However, it is not the case; you can cut them but ensure before cutting that there is proper and sufficient light. Subsequent to death, hair and nails seize to grow but seems like growing because the skin retracts. Other interesting facts about nails involve their property to be dissolved in high corrosiveness. If you wish to try it, then you can simply cut your nails, put them in a bottle of Coca Cola for 4 days, and see what happens. How long do you think nails can grow?

Well, a person in India has been recorded to have the longest fingernail in the history. The nail was 48 inches long, strange but true. Fingernail grows swifter than toenails in both males as well as female. After reading all the description, do not you think that the interesting facts about nails are beyond one’s imagination? Furthermore, the nails of old people grow slower than that of young people. When you cut your nails, they are likely to grow faster with compared to the nails that are not cut usually. Besides this, there are other interesting facts about nails. For instance, lack of water in the body may lead to dry nails. It means if you do not take a substantial amount of water, it not only affects your body health but also causes dryness of nails, as well.