Interesting Facts About Nose


All human beings have a sense of smell and they use it continuously. In case you wish to learn some of the most amazing, as well as interesting facts about nose, then you are at the right place. You only need to go through this article, and at the end, you will experience that your knowledge regarding nose has increased immensely. The human nose is far ahead in smelling odors than that of numerous animals. It can smell up to 10, 000 different odors by using millions of cells. In addition, the sense of smell has a significant role in affecting the capacity of taste, as well as the proper functioning of one’s immune system.  Go ahead and initiate your quest in order to explore some of the unique and interesting facts about nose with following lines.

Interestingly, you and your friend can not smell a thing in the same way. The reason behind is that each human being has a distinct scent blind spot. It means if you smell something like creamed corn and your wife smells it as cupcakes, then both are right. Your nose also helps you in smelling happiness and even sexual arousal. The only condition is that the person you smell should be a near romantic partner (e.g. husband or wife). These interesting facts about nose make it worth respecting as it serves you even if when you are completely unaware of its functioning. In addition to this, women have a stronger sense of smell than that of men.

Therefore, do not be surprised if your mother or sister identifies that the milk is gone bad before you can judge it. If you smell a pleasing fragrance, it can make your mood good. Thereby, you can keep scented oil on your office desk in order to work in a pleasing atmosphere.

Some of the researchers say that there are mere seven odors. These seven odors are flowery, camphoraceous, minty, fetid, airy, musky, and strong. It means that there is less number of odors than you can imagine. One of the most interesting facts about nose is that the nose is not responsible for smell. It is the brain, which does the job. Some studies concluded that the scent is helpful in promoting memories. The long list of fascinating and interesting facts about nose also includes the ability of man’s nose to smell the ovulation of women.

Other than this, ‘olfaction’ is a technical term, which is used interchangeably with sense of smell. Your nose also plays its role in detecting harmful chemicals in the air. The human nose contains two nostrils that are divided by the nasal septum. Ethmoid bone (lying at the roof of the nose) acts like a separator for brain and nasal cavity. This Ethmoid is also among the bones that make the orbit of the human eye. The short hairs in the nasal cavity remove the dust and outer particles. Furthermore, the condition in which a person loses the sense of smell is called as Anosmia. Dysosmia is another condition when a person smells things, but they do not smell as they are supposed.

Moreover, the situation in which a person has a very strong sense of smell is regarded as Hyperosmia. These fabulous, as well as interesting facts about nose, signify its importance in our lives. Did you ever notice that men have a larger nose with compared to that of women? You must have heard about plastic surgery. Nevertheless, do you know that rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery in which nose is included? The Maori people in New Zealand press their nose as a greeting. Other interesting facts about nose include its ability to produce mucus. This mucus helps in protecting the lungs against bacteria, viruses, and other particles of the atmosphere. Besides, nose and sinuses produce almost one-liter mucus per day. After the long narration, it would be fair to conclude that no one knows the nose as it deserves. However, you must have taken advantage of the above account and it must have added a lot to your knowledge. Now, you are able to share this information with your relative and friends. In this manner, you can help them and make them aware.