Interesting Facts about Numbers

Numbers are very useful in day-to-day life. Modern life is impossible without numbers. From home to universities, numbers play a pivotal role. Obviously, there are also fun-filled and interesting facts about numbers.

Interesting Facts about numbers

The use of numbers is as ancient as the social human life itself. In the market, trading, buying or selling, solving mathematical problems and more, numbers occupy a high position.

Numbers have become such an integral part of modern life that even a layman does know that two plus two equals four and one day has 24 hours. Thereby, begin your journey to find out some of the most surprising as well as interesting facts about numbers.

interesting facts about numbers

House Numbers

Subsequent to 1432, 2013 is the first year that enjoys the privilege to have a rearrangement of four successive numbers. In the year 1763, London started adopting house numbers.

house number

Book of Numbers

In this case, 2013 is also the 250th anniversary of the year 1763. If you are a religious person, then you are likely to be happy to know that there is a book in the Bible (Bible contains no less than 67 books) called “the book of numbers.” In the book of revelation (another book of the Bible), the number 666 is attributed to the Beast that will come near doomsday.

After this, you can conclude that the many interesting facts about numbers also have their place in religious scriptures. In the United Arab Emirates, a car was sold for $7.1 million in the year 2008 (February).

Car Number Plate

The peculiar thing was that the car had a number plate with only the number ‘1’ carved on it. Forty has the privilege to be the only number, which has its letters in alphabetical order. If you do not believe, you only need to write it down in a piece of paper, and then you will be convinced.

Highest Number

Five thousand is the highest number, which you can spell out without using any later more than one time. The next highest number in this category is eighty-four.

There is a boatload of exceptional and interesting facts about numbers. Hundra happens to be an ancient word from which the modern “hundred” comes. Intriguingly, this word does not mean 100 but 120.

highest number in the world

Most of the world uses an Arabic-Hindu numeral system (1, 2, 3, etc.) though there is also another system present. This numeral system was developed more than 1,000 years ago.

Numbers Zero and One

In addition to this, ancient Greeks did not consider ‘0’ as a number and they further questioned the veracity of ‘1’ to be a number. You are certainly an internet user (that’s why you are reading this article). Many times you must have come across a situation when you have to wait for a page to load.

Moreover, you wait for a while, then move further, and leave the respective page. Well, this scenario (waiting for load and leaving the page) is known as “four-second rule.” There is an excellent array of interesting facts about numbers, which can tantalize anyone. You can double fold the one-dollar bill (backward as well as forward) 4×103 times.

Folding paper 9 times

What will happen after that? It will tear. 5 is the number of baseball gloves, which can be prepared from one cow. Apart from this, you can fold a paper up to 9 times and not more than that.

Unlucky Number

One of the most interesting facts about numbers is about 13. This number is regarded as unlucky (a superstitious belief) throughout the globe. The most enlightened countries such as the United States and Europe are not an exception as well. If you visit these countries, do not be surprised by finding that there is no hotel having room no. 13.

In France, for a long time, it was considered etiquette not to invite exactly 13 guests to a party or dinner. A sudden arrangement would be made to call a person in order to make the guest number more than 13.

The list of fun-filled and interesting facts about numbers seems to be never-ending. However, the above-mentioned points cover all the essential aspects related to numbers largely. You might also have heard about the phobia of Friday, which is called Friday, the 13th. Therefore, be careful, as some numbers may be horrible.