10 Interesting Facts About Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was an extremely fine artist born on 25 October 1881in the Malaga city of Spain in Andalusian region. He was of Italian origin. Pablo was one of the tremendous painters of the twentieth century. At the instance of his baptism, Pablo Picasso had 23 middle names those were series of saints and priest. There is a long list of Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was not only an artist but also ceramist, printmaker, sculptor, stage designer as well as a good poet. In the extensive list of his creations, He had fifty thousand artworks in addition to one thousand eight hundred and 85 paintings. Besides these, He also had one thousand two hundred and twenty eight sculptures as well as two thousand eight hundred and eighty ceramics. Pablo Picasso was used to learn figure drawing and oil painting with his father who also was a painter. He started learning painting when he was only seven year old. Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso was his first painting.

By the age of only nine, he finished his first painting. His first painting is known as Le Picador (A man riding a horse in a bullfight). By the age of 13, Picasso took admission in Barcelona’s School of Fine Arts; His father was a teacher at same school.  In the age of fifteen, Pablo Picasso completed his first major painting that is renowned as First Communion (featuring a portrait of his mother, father and younger sister kneeling before the altar).  Picasso was very weak baby when he was born, by seeing toward him, the midwife thought that he was stillborn and left him on the table. His uncle Con Salvador, who was a doctor too, fortunately reached the right time and saved him. He died on 8 April 1973. His life was full of adventure and had lots of Interesting facts.

Followings are some Most Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso that will amaze you:

His mother Maria Picasso Lopez said that his first words were “Piz-Piz.” Piz-Piz is the short form of Lapiz that is a Spanish word, whose meaning is “Pencil.”

When he was only 13 year old, His 7 year old sister Conchita died due to diphtheria.

His family moved to Barcelona after death of his sister Conchita. His father “Don Jose Ruiz” took a position at its School of Fine Arts.

He made his first visit to Paris(France)in 1900. Paris was considered as the art capital of Europe.

Pablo Picasso was a different personality with always-creative thought. When he was 16 years of age, joined “Madrid’s Royal Academy of San Fernando” but after some time he left the academy because he was not interested in long and so formal education style.

He also knew The French language that he learned on this duration.

Many inspiring and Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso are necessary to know for new artists of today.  At the age of 13, he arranged his first exhibition.

Pablo Picasso was inventor of the constructed sculpture as well as co-founder of the college. Pablo’s creations were popular at that time because of his unique technique of drawing and Activities.  This Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso makes him different from other artists of that era.

El Greco was a very famous personality of that time. Pablo Picasso was devotee of his works and technique.

Picasso was the co-founded a movement known as “Cubism.” Actually, Picasso and French artist Georges Braque both are notorious as Cubism Co-founder. Cubism was a type of French art Critic Louis. Vauxcelles  first called it “Bizarre cubiques” or Cubism. He called so, after watching beautiful and innovative paintings of Pablo Picasso and Braque, which were full of little cubes.

Incredible and Interesting facts About Pablo Picasso touch hearts of every heat lover.  Efforts of Picasso are widely categorized into three stages:

Blue Stage (1901-1904): This Period was known for his drawing, Painted with Blue and red colors.

Rose Stage (1905-1907): Rose Stage paintings were Orange and Pink color painting.

African Inspired Stage (1908-1909): This stage was completely inclined by African artifacts.

You have learnt many Interesting Facts about Pablo Picasso. In 1900, Picasso had a very solemn financial crisis and had to burn his painting to get warmth only. On 8th April 1973, this brilliant artist died in Mougins(France).