Interesting Facts About Physics that You Must Know

One of the arguably coolest branches of science is known as physics. There is a boatload of interesting facts about physics that you must know.

Sometimes, many of us dreaded physics at school. Apart from this, there are a plethora of scientists who gave his life to physics ranging from Aristotle to Stephen Hawking.

Interesting facts about Physics

The human lives become more comfortable with the help of advanced as well as futuristic gadgets of physics. It provides better services and amenities in each and every sector of human lives.

interesting facts about physics

Sugar compounds

Commonly, sugar uses in our homes to aids the sweet in tea, food and another thing, but here is a wondering fact of ordinary-looking sugar. As small as a sugar cube (almost a teaspoon sugar) has almost five billion tons of weight. It can be possible by eliminating the spaces and crushing them because of the sugar atoms has 99.999999999% empty space.

sugar compound

Force of Gravity

Despite this, a human could take off at the moon first in early history in the year of 1961 it was possible by science. One of the most interesting facts about physics that humans can also live inside the water.

force of gravity

In addition to this, we can talk to our dear one across the world with the help of inventions of physics. The inventor of gravity namely Isaac Newton gives the law of gravity. So, a 100 kg (220 pound) person has only the weight of 38 kg (84 pounds) on Mars, due to differences in gravity.

Heat power

The interesting facts about physics regarding to heat, the heat present in the first ten feet of the ocean is equivalent to the entire atmospheric heat of the earth.

Solar System

At the center of the solar system, the sun is a star having a myriad amount of heat. While the flashing lightning bolt as compare to the sun is 3 times hotter. The traveling speed of sound is measured as 767 miles per hour (1230 km per hour).

The interesting facts about physics towards time, the time is to be taken by the light in reaching from the earth to the moon is equal to 1.255 sec. While the light takes up to 8 minutes to reach from sun to earth.

solar system

Life is possible in the earth because of the atmosphere of the earth; it has a lot of gases including oxygen which is essentially required for life. In addition to this, it is divided into almost four types of atmospheric layers. The nearest one layer to the earth is Troposphere.

Therefore, a car consumes approximately half of fuel to conquer wind resistance if it has a speed of 80 km per hour (50 miles per hour) because the atmospheric pressure opposed the speed of the car.

The only planet, which rotates in a contrary direction to the earth, is known as Venus, it is considered as interesting facts about physics that give us the knowledge about it.

Moreover, the only planet in the solar system which rolls in its side (like a barrel) is Uranus. The total mass of the earth is equal to 5.97219×1024 kg, which is proved by physics, and besides, there are some ways to accurate measuring the entire weight present in the universe that physicists have.

If the graphite is heated at a temperature of 3000 Celsius as well as with a pressure of 100,000 atm. then it can be made the diamonds. Surprisingly, the amount of water in-ground soil is 50 times more than that of on the surface of the earth including lakes, and rivers. There is an ocean of wonders and interesting facts about physics, the deeper you go the more you will discover.

However, it is hard for a person to grasp all the facts concerning physics at one time. This article gives you an excellent glimpse of interesting facts about physics, which can be of use to you.

Moreover, you can assist your familiar persons or friends who want to help in studying physics. Despite, one of the most interesting facts about physics is the Dead Sea, where you can easily float without drowning.

Apart from this, after knowing all the surprising facts about physics the way of seeing as well as thinking and assuming any things can be changed. You should also discuss physics in your friend circle in order to extend your knowledge about it.