10 Interesting Facts about Ray Charles

Well known Soul singer and pianist, Ray Charles was born on 23 September 1930 in Albany of Georgia in USA.  Legendary musician Ray Charles’s birth name was Ray Charles Robinson. In Epoch of 1950s, Ray Charles established the genre of soul music. There are many Interesting facts about Ray Charles, one out of which is, he renowned as the Father of Soul. He is and inspiration to all those people who give-up early.  His used to think that a man who has the nerve to withstand against adverse conditions can make history.  He prepared strapping combination of jazz, blue as well as gospel to create innovatory hits for us such as Unchain My Heart, Georgia on My Mind, and Hit the Road Jack. His father Bailey Robinson was a simple mechanic as well as repair person while his mother “Aretha” was stacked boards in Sawmill.  Family of Ray Charles shifted to Gainesville, Fla. when Charles was a child. There are numerous hidden Interesting facts about Ray Charles whose are rarely shared. Ray Charles endured many confronts in his life but never gave up. He was an absolutely different and self-motivating personality who faced every dispute with lot of patients. Out of all Most Interesting facts about Ray Charles you must know are, Charles’s younger brother drowned when he was only five year old and lost his vision at only 7 years of age.

Amazing unknown & Interesting Facts about Ray Charles

Followings are some major Interesting facts about Ray Charles:

He took admission on state supported St. Augustine School for the Deaf and the Blind. In the school, he gained the knowledge of reading and writing music in Braille. Charles became capable of read three or four bars of music with his finger and then play it. Dissimilar those with sight, a blind person cannot sit there and play as Ray Charles read the music. His dedication toward music and a range of practices made him do so.

Ray Charles wanted to learn piano but, unfortunately, could not take join piano class because it was completely occupied. He admired Clarinet Player Artie Shaw thus his learned instrument was Clarinet. After some time, he got successful to join the piano classes and learned alto Sax, organ and trumpet here.

Ray Charles used to take half mug of black coffee and two sugars very morning. He had simple and healthy diet. Let’s know some Interesting facts about Ray Charles’s remarkable career.

After a long hard work and struggle, Ray Charles made his own exclusive sound, R & B (within one year Charles classic song “I Got a Woman” reached to topmost elevation on the R & B charts), a blend of blues, as well as gospel. His brilliance was noticed early and he signed many contracts by various companies one after another.  He played Carnegie Hall, Newport jazz in addition to most famous Apollo.

Interesting Facts about Ray Charles

He achieved many awards and touched the heights of success in his life those enhance the list of their Interesting facts about Roy Charles. He won nine of his 12 Grammy Awards. He won his recent “Grammy” in 1993 for his best creation R&B Male Vocal Performance.

He is also a winner of “Man of the year” Award. He achieved this award in 1976 from Beverly Hills Lodge of B’nai Birth.

Charles used to say, “If someone besides a black ever sings the real gut bucket blues, it’ll be a Jew. We both know what it  is like to be someone else’s footstool.”

His immense knowledge and perseverance toward music made him “The Genius.” He gained this name only for his hard work and bringing such revolutionary change in soul singing. AT the same time, Roy Charles was listed as one of the top ten “Greatest Rock” and “Roll artist of all time.”

He established a cameo appearance in a famous movie “Ray.” Here are some surprising and Interesting facts about Ray Charles those you should know. His friends or nearest told that Ray’s major fear was to lose his hearing and sometimes he used to get depress due to this fear but his sturdy heart never let him down.  The movie Ray was later translated into The Braille so that Ray Charles could read it.

Not all above Interesting facts about Ray Charles are enough for the complete interpretation of the entire life achievements of him. He was inimitable personality. He died in 2004, leaving a treasured reward for intact contemporary music.