Interesting Facts about Teeth


Teeth are the beauty of the mouth. The most beautiful thing on the surface of the earth is a smiling face. Everyone likes to see a smiling face, but no one would wish to look a smiling face without teeth. In this era of “look good, feel good”, everyone is concerned about what others say regarding his or her appearance. There is an excellent myriad of interesting facts about teeth, which most of the people do not know. This article aims to give a comprehensive description concerning teeth and related details. Therefore, begin your journey of exploring some of the most astonishing and interesting facts about teeth through the coming lines. At first, a normal person has about 32 teeth.

The teeth are categorized into many sections. These teeth contain eight premolars, eight incisors, four intelligent teeth, four canines, and twelve morals. A normal person grows two sets of teeth throughout his or her life. The first one is known as ‘baby teeth’ and the second one is regarded as everlasting set of teeth. Baby teeth will start to drop when one becomes six or seven years old. You get your everlasting set of teeth at the time of reaching 21 years of age.

Each one of us in this world is unique. The same is true in the case of teeth. Like fingerprints, your teeth are exclusively unparalleled even when you are identical to your brother or sister. These interesting facts about teeth are sufficient in order to make anyone astonished. Apart from this, you must pay serious attention towards your teeth. Many dentists would suggest that you should keep your toothbrush at a distance of six feet from your toilet. The reason is that from flushing many airborne particles fall out and can stick to your toothbrush. It is both disgusting as well as unhealthy and causes many problems.

A normal human being produces around 100, 000 gallons of saliva in his or her whole life. With age, the capacity of producing saliva also decreases. Therefore, there are high chances for old people to get ill easily. One of the most interesting facts about teeth is that they do not feel pain. Thereby, do not be afraid of a root canal as it is not very painful. With the advanced technology, root canal has become similar to tooth filling. Up to the age of 3 years, a normal child has a set of teeth that are impermanent and 20 in numbers.

When everlasting teeth start coming out from below, these impermanent teeth eventually fall forever. However, baby tooth will not fall if a person does not have a replacement of everlasting tooth. In addition to this, it is teeth, which helps in breaking down the foods one eats. It is advisable that you must be on guard against cavity as if not treated properly, it can damage the teeth largely.

Now, you are going to discover some of the interesting facts about teeth, which most of the dentists tell their patients in order to educate them. Dentists say that the formation of teeth starts when the baby is in its mother’s womb. However, these teeth appear when the child reaches the age of 6 to 12 months.

Besides this, the hardest part of the entire body is the enamel that is found on the top of the surface of teeth. Other interesting facts about teeth involve that an average person devotes 38.5 days to brushing the teeth in a full span of life. In addition, many of the diseases are associated with oral health that includes osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes. In case you have a broken tooth and you want to fix it back in its place, then take a little trouble.

You should put the knocked out tooth in a glass of milk for a couple of minutes and then hold it in your mouth. This may be helpful for your tooth to survive for a long time. You must have benefited from these astounding as well as interesting facts about teeth. However, if you have some teeth related problem, then you should not hesitate to consult a good dentist. Do not think that dental care may cause pain, as it is painless.