10 Interesting Facts about Throat

By | Date Modified May 16, 2017

Throat is the passage from mouth to the stomach. Organs which come in this way are pharynx, esophagus, larynx and trachea. The throat is located at the front side of neck just below the chin and above the collarbone. This was just general information about throat. Throat is commonly known by everybody, it an essential organ of the body through which our food and drinks enters our stomach and provides strength to the body. But that is not all throat plays some more important role in our daily life. Here you may know about some interesting facts about throat.

Throat is a very integral part of the body you might have never imagined about throat but now you will come to know some interesting facts about throat. There is variety of blood vessels in throat and also the variety of pharyngeal muscles, there is a trachea which called windpipe and an esophagus. The bones which are present in throat are calvicle and fillet. You must know all these interesting facts about throat.

There are two airways upper and lower, the upper airway consists of nose and the sinuses, the lips and the throat. And the lower one consists of larynx, windpipe and the airways of the lungs. Throat also consists of soft palate and epiglottis which controls the lane of the food. Throat is the common way of both food and air thus it is included in two systems, digestive system as well as respiratory system. This is interesting fact about throat. But actually throat dose not participate in digestion of food but it plays an important role for digestion that is after the consumption of food the soft palate closes the nasal cavity due to which food does not enter the nose. But sometimes it happens that both your mouth and nose are open at the same time, for example when you have something in your mouth especially liquid and you laughs really loud then that liquid will come out from your nose. This shows that the throat is open in mouth as well as nose. Isn’t it an interesting fact about throat?

Interesting Facts About Throat

A person must not try to breath at the same time when he is swallowing food because it may cause a big problem. During the time of consuming the food the epiglottis which looks likes a flap having elastic cartilage that closes over the trachea.  Due to this function food is prevented from going down the windpipe. So if you breathe at the time of swallowing than your throat will be choked. But it happens rarely. Every time when you put food inside your mouth the salivary glands functions in breaking down of the food. This properly chewed and broken down food enters the throat. Here comes the role of throat, it pushes the food which enters the esophagus and then proceeds to the stomach for further digestion.

Throat has multiple functions like it controls salivary buildup, protects the airway from obstructions, aids speech and acts as a channel for overload mucous. This is an interesting fact about throat. Larynx has the great function in throat; it carries air to the lungs. There are tonsils in the throat and adenoids which are in the group of lymph nodes which swells up support fight with diseases in throat, ear and nose. It happens most in the body of young kids. Tonsils are at the back side of the throat and the adenoids are at the overturn of the nose. In cases when tonsils swells too much they are taken out.

Interesting Facts about Throat

Let us know some more interesting facts about throat by knowing the causes of sore throat. Sore throat is usually caused because of the swelling or disease of the pharynx or tonsil. It may also include some other areas of throat like larynx. The general symptoms of sore throat include redness swelling and inflammation at the back side of throat. It gives pain when you swallow food it may also generates pain in ears or neck. Throat can give you indication of some diseases like fever, fluid nose, cough, weariness, annoyance, painful muscles and appendage. These all can be felt by throat due to the feeling of discomfort in it.

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