Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

From our childhood we have grown up in love with so many cartoons but Mickey Mouse is always the favorite of most of us. Even when we grow up, there is always a child inside us who still loves cartoons and still loves to see those animations again and again- just to run back to those childhood days of simple fun and innocent smile. This is the prime reason we all love and remember Walter Elias Disney. He lived from 1901 to 1966. He was one of the most creative men around, who inspired many with his successful career in the world of dreams and fantasy. In current records, The Walt Disney Company stands is the second largest “media conglomerate” in the world. The company’s creative assets include movies, television, music, TV studios, radio, theme parks, and game resorts for children as well as adults. But his life is not just about creativity or fun or company. It is full of interesting facts which are surely enough to make you wonder:

“Disney” is not Walt’s original Last Name- As we come to know from history, Walt Disney’s ancestors last name was originally “d’Isigny”, which came from a small village in France. The name is actually pronounced as “Deez-nay.” Through time, the name changed to “Disney”. It actually made it easier to remember. Isn’t it?

Interesting Facts About Walt Disney

 Alias Names: Many a times, Walt used the names like “Retlaw Elias Yensid” or even “Retlaw Yensid” which are both his original name which is just spelled backwards. Even in the movie named the “Fantasia”, he named the character of sorcerer as “Yen Sid”- which is again the letters of the name “Disney” reversed. Legends say that when he was looking for land to build his first theme park, he again used a new name which was- “M.T. Lott”- it is so that potential sellers would not raise the prices on him.

Cremation: Legend says, his body is actually frozen inside a Cryonics Chamber after death. But the information is just a rumor which is still circulating around for decades after his death. Due to “his immense reputation as a pioneer technological innovator” this news was fueled. Originally, after his death his body was lawfully cremated. As we all know, after that it was interred near Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale situated in California.

Honor: Till date, around 800 world famous people have featured on an official U.S. postage stamp. The list generally includes past Presidents of USA, actors, historical figures and only one motion picture producer and a great animator. The most interesting fact is that Walt was honored with his picture even on a 6 cent USA commemorative postage stamp after his death as it was issued September 11, 1968. So he never got to see that proud moment.

Love to Tragedy: According to stories, both Brothers Roy and Walt Disney began the ‘Walt Disney Company’ in 1922. When they got huge success, out of love they bought Flora and Elias Disney- their parents a new home in Los Angeles. But sadly as people say, the house was with a ill-designed heating system. After years, Mrs. Disney actually died from CO poisoning.

No graduation: Even in those days, higher education was needed for career success. Walt is a perfect exception to this rule. Although, he attended classes in the McKinley High School, but soon at age 16 he dropped out. However, he won several honorary degrees from many universities like Yale, UCLA and Harvard.

First Academy Award: In 1932, he won a very special Academy Award for the creation of the famous cartoon character named the Mickey Mouse and his friends who followed him like Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and many more characters.

Birth and death: Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. Surprisingly, due to years of endless chain-smoking, he died on December 15, 1966 suffering from lung cancer.

Record-Breaking Oscar Award Winner: He won 32 Oscar Awards in total, which is more than anyone else could win till date. He did all this in his 43 year long creative career. Shockingly, he was also nominated for a record 64 times. Apart from that, he won 7 Emmy Awards, 48 Academy Awards, France’s Legion of Honor, the Presidential Freedom Medal and Officer D’Adademie and many more uncountable awards, medals and honors for his brilliant creative work.

The man has turned into an urban legend and each fact about him is still remembered with deep respect and inquisitiveness. Even through the ages of time, his characters still make us laugh, smile and cry with the simplest emotions and love which is slowly going missing from our world.