Most Interesting Facts About Earth – Our Home Planet

There is no ending to knowing, said some intellectual person once upon a time. Although our knowing and store of knowledge and information has got limits of time and resources- but still, there is no harm in knowing more and more about the planet in which you live. The more you try to learn about the earth- the more amazed it will leave you. The serene beauty may not always be enough to drive you crazy-but the sheer abundance of facts and records of earth and its history, civics, geography, and physics can just spin you on your toes.

So here is a collection of few interesting facts about earth as well as lack of facts which will drive you mad.


We start off with a lack of information to keep up the suspense!! The names of the entire planet series are based on either mythical Greek or Roman gods. But have you ever wondered why earth is an exception?! Nobody could answer that question till now with well researched facts. We can go through several civilizations and languages and note that most refer to a similar word as a piece of land, or the mass of soil, or the habitat. But nowhere it is clearly mentioned that how the planet came to be called as the Earth. The history of human civilizations still could not unfold this secret.


Well! The scientific theory called as the Gaia hypothesis claims that apart from being the home to several animals, plants, microbes and other living organisms- the planet is itself a living organism. It is like saying we all are parasites over a huge living organism which we know to be only mass of land and water with suitable climatic conditions. The hypothesis claims that earth has the ability to react and control the way life flows and the food cycle continues. It also states that as a living organism earth must have its own communication, sensation and other skills and feelings. Scientific studies are carried on since long to prove this hypothesis and several positive results are noted till date.


We all are familiar of the Andes Mountains. They are the biggest range of mountains with amazing length of 4300 miles and mesmerizing width of 420 miles. The area in the mountain region covers the land of several countries like the Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia and Argentina. It is actually the visible part of the mid- Atlantic ridge which is one of the major fault line of the tectonic plates of the earth and is around 6200 miles long. The mountain range is aptly called the scar on the face of the world and is surely a remarkable geographical feature of the planet.


It has been found out that the Earth as a planet had a twin several hundred thousand light years ago which is now named as the Theia by the present day scientists. It was on the same orbit as the earth around 4.5 billion light years ago. It was of the size of Mars but had all other feature same as that of the earth and hence is called the twin Planet. Also, the collision of earth and Theia resulted in the formation of the moon which we can still see currently.


You will be most amazed to know the fact that the planet earth is moving continuously even within itself. Apart from the monotonous rotation and revolutions, scientists have also proven that the full structure of the planet along with the tectonic plates is moving continuously and 25 million years from now, we will get the giant super- continent about which many sci-fi movies have talked again and again.


The earth is often called the blue planet. This is not due to the blue sky, but the fact that the blue color the astronauts see when they try to observe earth from far outer space. This can be often credited to the blue oceans which cover more than two third of the total surface of the earth.

Amongst many more amazing facts, we can surely feel elated to know that days are increasing in length gradually, and that earth is rotating at a speed of 1000miles per hour during its rotation. Also we should know that the earth’s center or the core is still a liquid and currently earth is the only planet with living conditions.

We can keep going on and the earth will never fail to amaze us with its strange facts and statistics.