Most Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany interests many people because of its historical importance. Officially known as Federal Republic of Germany, it is the most populated European country following Russia. The country has 16 states and the honor to be counted as 16th most populated country in the world. It is also regarded as the country of sausages, beer, and Oktoberfest. You must have listened or read about Germany. However, there are so many interesting facts about Germany that one cannot grasp all of them. This article will uncover before you a fantastic plethora of secrets regarding this awe-inspiring country. Germany has the privilege to be a land of both a great dictator (Adolf Hitler) as well as a great scientist (Albert Einstein). Each one of them influenced the whole world largely.

Besides this, there is an excellent myriad of interesting facts about Germany for the people who are interested in revolutions, history, thoughts or development. The often used term ‘’ ecology’’ was first given in the year 1866 by Ernst Haeckel who was a German biologist. The local people in Berlin (the capital of Germany) know the Chancellor’s office as “washing machine.” A bunch of cities has been the capital of Germany in different periods including Weimar, Regensburg, Aachen, Berlin, Frankfurt-am-Main and more. Other interesting facts about Germany involve its uniqueness of having 300 different kinds of bread. Germany is popular as a land of thinkers and poets. Some of the well-known German scientists are Robert Koch, Albert Einstein, and Gottlieb Daimler. Thomas Mann, Grimm brothers, and Wolfgang con Goethe are among the most famous German poets. The country has quite fun loving people as the Germans are the second (only subsequent to the Irish) to consume maximum beer. This makes Germany the second largest consumer of Beer.

In Bavaria (a city in Germany), Beer is officially considered as  food. If you visit a pub in Germany, you will have to raise your thumb instead of the index finger in order to ask for a glass of beer. Munich (again a city in Germany) includes more than 60 beer gardens. These interesting facts about Germany can mesmerize someone, but there is a lot which you are going to discover in the following lines. The German language is the third most widely taught language around the globe. In addition to this, German language has the privilege to be the first language throughout the world in which a book was printed first. The longest word in any of the world’s language is found in German that contains 79 letters. The word is Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft. Apart from this, the German language has thirty-five dialects. The official language of Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg is German alike.

Aside from the above description, Germany is quite environment friendly as it recycles 48 percent of its waste. The northern German coast includes more than 20,000 turbines that in turn contribute up to 35 percent for the wind energy production across the world. The countries that are not serious about environment conditions must learn a lesson from these interesting facts about Germany. Furthermore, the largest railway station of the world is located in the city of Berlin that is nine times bigger with compared to the city of Paris. In a city of Germany called Frankfurt, the first airline of the world was founded in 16th of November 1909 that is known as DELAG.

Lufthansa is the largest airline in the world that carries the maximum number of international passengers. These interesting facts about Germany are sufficient to signify that it has emerged as a multidimensional developed country throughout the globe over the last few decades. In addition, Germany houses more than seven hundred bird parks, animal reserves, zoological gardens, and wildlife parks, as well. Since the country has 414 registered zoos, it has become superior even to United States. The inventor of Gummy bears is Hans Riegal (from Germany). The world famous Christmas tree tradition was originated in Germany. Besides, the honor of inventing jeans goes to Levi Strauss (again from Germany). With the help of this information, you are able to see that there are numerous interesting facts about Germany. Surprisingly, the Oktoberfest is celebrated in the last week of September and not in October.