Most Interesting Facts About Japan

Japan is an Island nation in East Asia that is situated in Pacific Ocean. Sometimes Japan is also recognized as the “Land of rising Sun” and because of this nature, Japan is known as “Sun-origin.” With more than 126 million people, Japan becomes the world’s tenth largest population. According to last measured report of 2011, population-density of Japan was 350.66 sq. kilometer. Japan’s capital is Tokyo city. One of the most Interesting Facts of about Japan is that it is 70 percent covered with mountain and is made up of more than 6000 islands. Main cities of Japan are Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Total area of Japan is 377,812 sq km with extension approximately 3000km, area wise it is slightly smaller than California.  Currency of Japan is “Yen.” Japan’s national anthem is the “Kimigayo” that inspires the country’s desire of lasting prosperity and peace. “Japanese” is the primary language of Japan, in addition to this; people of Japan can also comprehend as well as speak English to a certain extent. Japan has numerous varieties of food, but traditional food of here is squid, octopus, eel, all fish, and prawns while traditional breakfast consists of rice and Natto. Here are many interesting facts about Japan, but one thing you must be aware with is that it is world’s second most expensive city.

In the list of Interesting facts about Japan, we cannot forget about trade and industries of Japan. Japan is one of the top leading countries in economy and technology centers of the world.  Japan is recognized as one of the highest literacy comprising country with around 99 percent literacy rate among children of age 15 year and above.  Japan’s capital Tokyo has world’s largest fish market that deal with 2000 tons of marine product each day. Since 1949, Japan has been producing many enormous people, until now Japan is having 19 Nobel Prize winners.  In nominal GDP rate, economy of Japan is 3rd largest in the world whereas fourth largest by purchasing power parity. Japan is world’s 2nd largest developed economy. Many Interesting facts about Japan are related with its economy, business, technical Industries. Third largest automobile industry comprising country Japan has largest electronic good company.  According to numbers of April 2011, report Inflation rate of Japan was only 0.3 percent.

Interesting Facts about Japan

Besides all these general facts, here are a number of amazing and Interesting facts about Japan as follow:

  • Japan is an immense producer of world’s animated shows. It produces more than 60 percent of world’s animation shows. About 130 voice-action schools are there in Japan.
  • There are more than 1600 temple are situated in the Kyoto city of Japan.
  • More than 200 volcanoes are there in Japan out of which 100 are active volcanoes.
  • People of Japan love to eat corn, mayonnaise and sesame seeds on their pizza.
  • In Japan, green traffic light is called blue.
  • In many area of Japan, there is always a danger of earth quick. Every year Japan has about 1,500 earths quick, but most of them are minor.
  • Japan’s nation sport is “Sumo.”
  • Largest consumer of Amazon rainforest timber of the world is Japan.
  • For the purpose of research, Japan still hunts whales.
  • One of the very Interesting facts about Japan that will stun  you is that being a master country in technology of the world, most of ATM machines of Japan does not accept foreign ATMs.
  • Geisha stands for “performing artist” but the notable thing is that the first geishas were men.
  • Japanese are very conscious about their fitness of body and love to exercise. Many companies of Japan have an exercise session before starting work.
  • Figure of over age people out of its total Population is up to 23 percent.
  • One should not below his voice in public because it is considered inappropriate.
  • Many Japanese people think that Japanese parents are of lazy nature.
  • Flower arranging is also an art in Japan.
  • To make Japanese sake fermented rice is used.
  • More than 85 percent of Jamaica’s yearly Coffee production is imported by Japan.
  • Above all Interesting facts about Japan, one thing that is especially vital is getting naturalized citizenship of Japan is nearly impossible.
  • It is necessary to take a gift of money when you are going to attend a marriage.