The burning question in India in the present scenario is whether Modi will be the able to win the hearts of the billions and get to the PM post in the next lok sabha elections?? Anybody who can answer that will surely be the best predictor of India’s future. Well! All of us would surely have different views regarding Modi and hence predictions will always keep fluctuating. But we can surely take a look at the good and bad points against Modi and then let people decide their own choice in this democratic land. We need to see all the pros and cons of the possible scenario that may arise when Modi gets the post.

Narendra Modi Bad Points

THE BAD: As we all will agree the worst quality of is that Narendra Modi is obsessed with the hunger for power. He is the total control freak. He would surely never want to leave his position for any lesser cause. The report by the US Congressional Research Service (CRS) has acted as added the last piece in the work, but it is surely a double- edged sword. As per the report, Gujarat in present India has the most effective governance amongst all the states followed by Bihar. Now, as we know Nitish Kumar influence is the only factor in the current Indian political scene, which can strong handedly command the NDA and its allies against Modi. Even Modi understands that if the current UPA government is voted out of power in next elections, Nitish is the only person who can come between him and his ultimate dream. Apart from all these lacking, people often disregard Modi for his lack of experience in a coalition, his inability to form a consensus, his inability to take constructive criticism.

This raises the sense of insecurity on Modi’s role. Another de-motivating feature of Modi’s is his way of handling religious issues. Secularism is one field in which the present Bihar CM can easily leave behind Modi. Even after several campaigns, he is still the icon boy of ‘Hindutva’ and RSS. Even though Modi seems to be doing all correct these days, his work is still much haunted by his involvement in the shameful Godhra riot case; and there goes the true saying of politics- ‘Corpses are never buried in politics. They are kept alive so that even they can speak for you when the time comes.’ Surely, Modi will have a worst time ahead trying to maintain a balance between his image of a adamant enthusiast of Hinduism and keeping Muslims content, if becomes the next post.

Narendra Modi Good Points

THE GOOD: But even if we say all the negativities in him, we can never miss the charisma and passion that he radiates. He is one of the finest managers of the crooked Indian media amongst all the current leaders. He has an excellent organizational capability and the ability to run a team from the front. He owns a dynamic personality and can easily motivate people with his ever powerful words. These were few of his good qualities which pulls the crowd to him. Also, the business stalwarts of the country stay in awe of him and his innovative plans for future India. The stat that GDP growth rate in Gujarat over the last few years under Modi rule has been 11.05%, which is truly high as against the national value of 9%. This is something one cannot easily overlook. The looks of the power hubs of the state of Gujrat have been turned totally upside down, and surely makes the other cities of the country leave gasps of envious breath. Gujarat is rapidly turning into an economically and industrially ideal state. Its model is something which all states will share as an example. Currently, if we compare these aspects of a leader and his will to bring about positive changes in their constituency, then Modi undoubtedly stands out tall amongst all his counterparts in various other states. In this he also leaves behind his strongest arch-rival, Nitish Kumar. But there are many facets which should be considered when we are enthusiastically talking about the most powerful face of the India- world’s largest democracy.

Thus we cannot say much about the results from now only. But surely we can say that before Modi NDA never really had a strong chance in terms of candidate’s personal influence over the Indian crowd psychology.