Interesting facts about muscles

Muscles is an important part of our body. Before getting into a detailed discussion about the interesting facts about muscles and its related terms, let us know what a muscle is. A muscle is basically a collection of numerous fibre tissues, known as muscle fibres, which are being held together in the form of a bundle to form a single muscle.… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Liver and Liver Diseases

Liver is one of the most important parts of the body and yet there are many hidden facts that people are still unaware of.  Liver diseases are also very popular among people of almost every country but still it has not been decided how such things are affecting our society. According to a recent survey, it has been… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Legs

Human limb is an important part of the human body. The limb comprises of foot, thigh and hip region. There are ample functions of legs. Primarily they are used for standing, walking, jumping, kicking and running. The legs constitute a significant portion of person’s mass. In humans the actual leg is that part of the human body that… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Hair

Our hair says the story all about us like what we eat, our lifestyle, where we came from, and our daily habits too. Hair can also tell so much about our personality. Since, it has been the subject of a boatload of prides as well as researches. In the latest history, human are crazy for their hair and… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Fingers

Fingers are that part of animal body that aids in holding things. Fingers also aid the humans to work and earn their livelihood. Fingers are very significant body parts. In general the human body have in total 20 fingers. Usually there are 5 fingers on each of the two hands and five fingers on each of the two… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Bones

Over the body is made of various components and subcomponents like mussels, blood, heart, brain, nerves, and crucial a complex structures of Bones. Our body is like a complicated machine whose every part contains a treasure of interesting facts. Nevertheless, Most of us do not even bother to know about the Interesting facts about bones and other building… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Blood

Blood is the most essential element of our body.  Blood is circulated over the each body parts to deploy necessary materials like oxygen, nutrients, etc. it also moves misuse foodstuff away from those cells. Take pleasure in these blood details during erudition some appealing  and Interesting facts about blood cells, plasma, donation and extra fund in human being… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Throat

Throat is the passage from mouth to the stomach. Organs which come in this way are pharynx, esophagus, larynx and trachea. The throat is located at the front side of neck just below the chin and above the collarbone. This was just general information about throat. Throat is commonly known by everybody, it an essential organ of the… Read More »

10 Interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was known as America’s Renaissance man, the most proficient and capable presidents in the History of America. He had multi-facet roles to offer to his nation and the world during his life. He was a President, Politician, Author, Inventor, Teacher, Lawyer, Architect and Philosopher. Some of the most interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson are cited below… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Ray Charles

Well known Soul singer and pianist, Ray Charles was born on 23 September 1930 in Albany of Georgia in USA.  Legendary musician Ray Charles’s birth name was Ray Charles Robinson. In Epoch of 1950s, Ray Charles established the genre of soul music. There are many Interesting facts about Ray Charles, one out of which is, he renowned as… Read More »