10 Interesting Facts About Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was an extremely fine artist born on 25 October 1881in the Malaga city of Spain in Andalusian region. He was of Italian origin. Pablo was one of the tremendous painters of the twentieth century. At the instance of his baptism, Pablo Picasso had 23 middle names those were series of saints and priest. There is a… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Bill Cosby

The people who love to watch his show might also want to know some interesting facts about Bill Cosby. He used to host one of the most watched shows in America. He has an exceptional ability to make people laugh successfully. Therefore, if you are a little upset, you must watch some of the old shows of Bill… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Barack Obama

Barak Obama was born on 4th august 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Meaning of Barak is blessed. He is the 44th president of United States. He is very famous all around the world. His whole day activities are also watched by the people, they like him very much. Obama stated in one of his convention that “There is not… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Aristotle

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, is among the most celebrated men throughout the globe. His thoughts are relevant to ancient times, middle ages and even to the modern ages. His contributions are very wide, especially in the fields of logic and science. In the following lines, you are going to discover some of the most significant as well as… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Anne Franck

A person who became famous after her death was known as Anne Franck. She was born in Germany on 12 June 1929 and died in only 15 year old. Her father (Otto Franck) and mother (Edith Franck) were a businessman as well as a housewife respectively. Anne Franck had also one elder sister, Margot. In addition to this,… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson

A leader is one who not only dictate the task work but also ahead of him follower and shows them how to do work right. There have been a lot of great leaders in history. Moreover, the name Andrew Jackson is one of them. The seventh president of the United States, from 1829 to 1837, was known as… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts about Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is a significant figure for the Americans as he is the founding father of United States of America. He is also the chief of staff to US general Washington. Mr Hamilton is regarded as one of the most influential person in USA and he is also credited with interpreting and promoting the constitution of America. He… Read More »

10 Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is popular throughout the world for many reasons, most especially for the role he played before and during the world war second. A lot of stuff have been written and is being written on Hitler and his life. Some of the people regard him as a great general while others considered him a merciless murderer of… Read More »

10 Interesting facts about Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is an important political figure in America. He was the 16th President of the USA. Lincoln was assassinated during his presidency. He was the man who led America through its civil wars. The American civil war being the bloodiest war unleashed enormous moral, constitutional and political crisis. Eventually he gained victory in the war and in… Read More »

Some Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia is the largest country in the word according to land area. Officially Russia is known as Russian Federation. Neighboring countries of Russia are China, North Korea, Ukraine and Norway. Russia acquires population more than 143 million most recently calculated on 2013. Most commonly language used in Russia is Russian; other languages are also used in some parts… Read More »