Delightful Interesting Facts About Italy

Vatican City is a unique city in the world that is governed by the Bishop.  Vatican City (officially Vatican City State) is the smallest city of the world from both aspects area (110 acres) as well as population (840). This internationally recognized independent state is located in Rome, the capital of Italy. Italy is the country of the… Read More »


The burning question in India in the present scenario is whether Modi will be the able to win the hearts of the billions and get to the PM post in the next lok sabha elections?? Anybody who can answer that will surely be the best predictor of India’s future. Well! All of us would surely have different views… Read More »

Discover the Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain, the dream country having all things you want and all things you require. Spain is popular throughout the globe for its cultural and historical impact on the world. You must have learnt about this captivating country when you were in school. With the passing of time, the information may be eliminated from the slot of your memory.… Read More »

Some Interesting Facts About Uranus- The Coldest Planet

The universe indeed has been a source of attraction and surprise for the people since time immemorial. When one lifts up his eyes and beholds the mysterious, as well as picturesque stars, galaxies, planets etc. then many questions suddenly struck to their minds. There is a bunch of planets in the universe and Uranus is one among them.… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Texas- True Facts Making Texas Popular

Texas is a city in Galveston County in the US of Texas. Texas is a busy deep water port. It has petroleum refining and petrochemical manufacturing center. Above all the city is noted for a major explosion in the year 1947 that demolished the port and nearly destroyed the city, which was the most disastrous incident that occurred.… Read More »

Interesting Facts about Biology- Mazing World of Living Organisms

The word of living organisms is the most fascinating part of the planet Earth. Life is what separates it from all the billion other planets. Life is what makes our solar system unique. The only known intelligent form of life is present in our solar system. Life is the most special gift of god to the universe. Thus,… Read More »

Fascinating and Interesting Facts About France

France is called as the birthplace of the two most precious arts or style of architecture namely the gothic and the baroque. There is a plethora of example of these two arts; mainly the gothic art can be seen with the ancient buildings and cathedrals. Apart from this, there are a numerous of interesting facts about France vary… Read More »

Most Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany interests many people because of its historical importance. Officially known as Federal Republic of Germany, it is the most populated European country following Russia. The country has 16 states and the honor to be counted as 16th most populated country in the world. It is also regarded as the country of sausages, beer, and Oktoberfest. You must have listened… Read More »

Interesting Facts About Martin Luther King Junior- The Man With A Dream

You must have listened about Martin Luther King Junior, the great personality of modern history. He was an American pastor, humanitarian, leader, and activist at the same time. He is chiefly known for the role he played in the advancement of civil rights. He used nonviolence policy that was derived from his Christian beliefs. Michael king (his birth… Read More »

Amazing Facts about California – The Jewel of USA

California is the state of dreams. Proudly positioning it as one of the best states of United States of America in every field of life and economy- California creates newer records with each coming day and hence there are so many amazing facts about this lovely state which puts it ahead of the other forty nine states of… Read More »