Some Interesting Facts About Uranus- The Coldest Planet

The universe indeed has been a source of attraction and surprise for the people since time immemorial. When one lifts up his eyes and beholds the mysterious, as well as picturesque stars, galaxies, planets etc. then many questions suddenly struck to their minds. There is a bunch of planets in the universe and Uranus is one among them. You can discover many interesting facts about uranus if you are fond of this fascinating planet. Uranus is the first planet whose discovery was done through a telescope, and it is at the seventh number from the sun. Though other planets have their equators, yet the south as well as north poles of Uranus are aligns. This is one of the unique features as well as interesting facts about uranus. Other planets (including Earth) in our solar system spin whereas Uranus rolls like a barrel. The reason behind this difference is the dominant presence of methane gas that gives it a splendid green/blue miasma. You are just on the road to discover many other exciting and interesting facts about uranus. In the coming lines, you will see that Uranus has a spate of mysteries to offer you. The poles of Uranus remain in darkness for 42 years and in light for the next 42 years because it takes 84 Earth days for the planet to complete its rotation around the sun. The major component in the atmosphere of Uranus is hydrogen. Apart from this, it also has methane gas in a high amount. Methane plays its role in hiding the interior of the planet by absorbing red light and reflecting the blue. This process creates a green-blue mist that helps hide the internal portion of Uranus. Many scientists assume that under this hidden atmosphere, there should be a mushy and hot ocean of water. Other mesmerizing and interesting facts about uranus include its privilege to be the coldest planet in the whole solar system. The reason is that it takes less light from the sun than reflects back. The temperature on Uranus can come down up to 49 K (-224 degree Celsius). Moreover, Uranus contains an excellent set of rings (two outer and nine inner rings) that are second only to Saturn in the complete solar system. The difference between rings of both the planets is that the rings of Saturn is quite icy particles and bright while the rings found on Uranus are very narrow as well as dark. Numerous astronomers feel that these rings were not formed with the formation of the planet, but they are recent.

Besides this, most of the other planets were found in ancient times because they could be seen through unaided eyes. Uranus is also unique in the sense that it was the first planet that was found out subsequent to the invention of the telescope (in the year 1690). Other interesting facts about uranus involve that it has so far been visited only once by Voyager 2 spacecraft. In addition to this, it has an assortment of moons, to be exact 27 moons. The names of moons are derived from the characters that Alexander Pope and William Shakespeare created in their literary works (for e.g. Titania, Oberon and Miranda etc.). Uranus is also visible without binoculars or a telescope. William Herschel discovered Uranus on 13th of March 1781, but he thought that it was a star. He also thought about naming his discovery after the name of King George III (that was Georgian Sidus). You can sense that there is an array of interesting facts about uranus, which can help you increase your knowledge. Furthermore, the gravity on the surface of the planet is 89 percent with compared to that of Earth.

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